Enrique ‘Durga Syn’ Herrera


Greetings, fellow gamers! It is I, Durga Syn. I find it highly unlikely that any of you are familiar with who I am. I am relatively new to this site and as such am something of an enigma, but hey, that is what introductions are for! So now I shall begin a brief journey back into the life that is Durga.

As a child raised in a small country town in Eastern Oregon, there were not a lot of options for entertainment. The options around a place like my home town come down to either getting to know the livestock on a very personal level, taking up sports or playing video games. As I have neither a knack for throwing and kicking balls nor any kind of attraction to livestock, I was drawn into the oh so shiny world of Super Mario Brothers and Metroid.

Within no time at all I was scrounging up any money I could find to purchase the latest and greatest in gaming technology. I spent more time with Sonic and Link then I did with most of my family members! I can still remember my first introduction to some of my closest friends being me showing off my Mega Man X skills. Video games were how I related to a world around me that I barely felt a part of. It was not until I played Chrono Trigger that I had my first true glimpse of the future my life with gaming was headed down.

I devoured my first RPG, devoting night after night directly after school to unlocking Techs and finding hidden treasure while advancing through layer after layer of story. I was now completely and truly hooked into the world of gaming. They had my number from the start, and they have been keeping me enthralled ever since.

It was also about this time that I saw Akira for the first time and a new obsession was born. I am an avid anime fan as well as being into video games. Neither is a cheap hobby, but both are so fulfilling. of all of the things I have on my computer at any given time, anime is the majority with games coming in at a close second.

During the release of the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64 I spent much time lost in new RPGs and of course more time with my best friend Link. So many hours did I log into Final Fantasy VII-IX, as well as Mega Man Legends and so many other titles. I also devoted quite a few hours to Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie to keep the gods of platforming satisfied. After this point in time the XBox came into existence and my life became devoted to Halo lan parties for quite a while. I try to keep a balance of RPG, shooter and action/platformer to make sure I am never bored.

While Anime and Games are two of my main hobbies, they are not the only things that I enjoy doing. I also am an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy novels, I play the Warmachine/Hordes miniatures game when time allows for it and I also to a bit of the paper RPG gaming. From Star Wars to Dungeons and Dragons and everything in between, sometimes it is just more fun to sit around a table with some good friends and let the dice roll.

Alright I think I have bored you guys enough with talk about me. I am happy to be the newest member of the site and look forward to spending time getting to know you all! I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me. Feel free to ask anything more you would like to know! Until next time ‘Gents and Dames, this is Durga signing off!


  1. Welcome! Good to have another game playing, tabletop RPGing, anime loving guy here…

    …wait, are you secretly Dan?

  2. I am not secretly anybody. At least, not that I am aware of…

  3. Now now sir, while I do enjoy anime I am in no way a weaboo.

  4. @Enrei No man who likes Halo of plays Warhammer 40K is a man who could secretly be me.

    Welcome aboard, Durga! Enjoy your stay at Lusipurr.com!

  5. Thank you for the welcome! Also, I don’t do Warhammer… Warmachine is much more fun.

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