TSM Episode 7: Crash Crash Crash

Surprise. It is not actually fun.
This is fun.

Produced 2011.07.31

Between crashes, Enrei eschews trash mobs in favour of boss fights; SiliconNooB makes a pixellated, besotted, and otherwise inebriated return; and Lusipurr watches test cricket. Also, Nintendo and DRM get a thorough rubbishing!


  1. “Item shop nonsense,” you say? That was what made Recettear even better!

    I do enjoy the way Persona 3 and 4 handle battles, but I agree with Lusi, the auto-win system from Earthbound is probably the best. While it takes a little more time, even the Flash Orb from the Suikoden series gets the job done, too.

    Glad to see SN back in action!

  2. Our opinions are such a high level, all of Lusipurr.com wins automatically!

    @DanChiSao It took me two attempts to beat Recettear, the first time I regularly explored the dungeons, which I found extremely fun, but I’d barely make each payment. On my second attempt I never explored, and made enough money in the first week to get through the first three payments. So, while the item shop was fun in its own way, I found the adventuring more fun, and anything that takes away from my fun is nonsense! :D

  3. I would recommend Cathrine to anyone that likes puzzle games. One of the best puzzle games I have played in a long time. The story is pretty good as well (It is from Atlus). The Boss battles can get intense. With pretty good replay value as there are 8 different ending you can get.

  4. But…You all mean that you don’t want to play 10 year old N64 ports for the now ultra low price of $179?!

  5. @Oyashiro: You may not believe it, but no! We don’t! I guess we just don’t know a bargain when we see it!

  6. And I thought the Wii U would be Nintendo’s Dreamcast… With the basic flop that is the 3DS right now. Think what would happen if the Wii U fails as well? Could they really go the way of SEGA?

    They have said that if they leave the hardware business, they would also leave the software business. But I don’t think the shareholders would let that happen.

    Nintendo is horribly stagnant. They have relied on the the same 4-5 franchises for the past 20 years, have been praised for that. They need to really let Miyamoto rest a bit and get new talent to design some new games. He may have made some of the best games in history… but it feels like he ran dry creatively around the time of the Gamecube.

  7. iOS games are going to kill themselves. There is no quality control… for ever good game, there are 50 shity flash games being released. A over-saturation of shit if you will. The casuals will get tied of buying games they play once and soon enough stop.

    They really are mimicking what happened to Atari.

  8. Not to mention that if a game dosn’t come to America, at least on Sony consoles, You can still import.

    Why Nintendo put region locking on the 3DS is beyond me. The excuse is they don’t want it to cannibalize sales if the game does get localized. But the people that are hardcore enough to import are the same people that are going to re-buy it regardless. I’m glad the Vita will be region free.

  9. -The iOS market isn’t going anywhere.

    -In Australia new console games cost $100, and 3DS titles probably cost about $80 (and you would probably hear similar accounts from all territories outside of the US) – that is why Nintendo region lock their consoles.

  10. @Oyashiro: Sure a lot of the $1 games are shit, but PLENTY of them are not. I’ve played more games I LOVE on my iPhone than I have ever owned, in TOTAL, for my DS, GBA, and GB *combined*, and I’m by no means the most adventurous of users. I seldom buy games on my iPhone, even!

    Today’s PA has it right: You buy one game for your 3DS and I’ll buy forty games for my iPhone. We’ll see who has more ‘fun’ when all is said and done.

    And that’s why the iPhone market will continue to grow. Esp. as they are now hitting Asia. Expect a boom in the nearish future.

  11. @Lusipurr: I’d actually back the iOS fun-factor against the 3DS when given and equal number of games for both platforms …

  12. Great podcast, guys. Always enjoy listening. Just my thoughts on the situation, for good measure:
    Nintendo’s hold on this industry was slipping for a long time, but it was underpinned by a good handheld and some strong franchises supported by dedicated gamers. The Wii served to mask what was going on under it all. Now, without a strong handheld that old hold on the industry rotted away during the fleeting success of the Wii. But no one really saw it. Once the fad of the Wii slipped away, it’s become painfully apparent. And Nintendo didn’t see it either. Sure people complained. I did, but I didn’t think it would fall apart this badly for them. If it continues to bust for Nintendo as fast as it boomed….Then we might see an industry dinosaur finally hit the ground.

    My dedication to their hardware died during the Gamecube, and the Wii U is shaping up to be the first Nintendo console I’m not excited about, at all…

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