Announcement: A Personal Statement from Lusipurr

Greetings readers, listeners, and fans of

As some of you are by now aware, this past weekend has been extremely difficult for me. Because of the unique–some might say peculiar–way in which is administrated, my personal issues can overflow into the site. After all, it is called, and I am Lusipurr. Some have said these things are to be expected, perhaps others think the opposite. Whatever your position, I should like to address the situation briefly.

On Tuesday of last week, my girlfriend of a year and a half, Heather, left me. At a stroke, I lost both the woman I loved and my best friend. Under ordinary circumstances, this would have been a crushing event. However, it was combined with the due date of my Master’s thesis falling on Saturday of last week, and a mountain of site business needing to be done: hiring, developing documentation, and day-to-day affairs. The result is overwhelming, to say the least. And I am, in real life, somewhat romantically-minded and easily overwhelmed. So, these events have been exceedingly difficult for me to cope with and I must confess that I have not yet begun to work out how I will proceed.

But I do not wish to speak of the particulars overmuch. Suffice to say that Heather’s decision, whilst obviously not something I agree with, is within her rights to make. My thesis is an expected requirement of my graduate program–not a surprise dropped on me from above, and I am happy to report that the second draft was completed, and with reasonable success, on time. The site business is being addressed with the help of my staff–a group of people whose dedication and loyalty cannot be gainsaid, whose unswerving devotion to the site mainfests itself in an eagerness to take on duties above and beyond those they are assigned, and whose understanding and compassion goes far beyond that which can be expected of any volunteer, or any paid employee. They have sat up with me at night; played games with me all day; and listened to me blandly read sentences from my thesis, all in an effort to provide the thing I need most now: a comprehensive distraction in the form of personal contact, and a reminder that whatever my immediate situation, I am not as alone as I feel.

Yet that is not the reason for this statement; you, the readers, have similarly extended your well-wishes. I have received your e-mails and tweets of support telling me how much means to you; I have read your stories about how you first started listening; I have been astonished by the immediate response to the tweets I have made in the deepest recesses of despair, and I have been grateful–more than grateful–for your words of support and encouragement.

That is why I wish to make this statement today. I have always endeavoured to make something more personal than a mere industry news website. My goal has been to create a place where the readers and staff come together as something more than the “public” and the “journalists”; creating instead a place where the readers know the writers (or ARE the writers, as the running gag goes). This week, your words of encouragement have shown me that I have succeeded at that, and I believe it is the best things I have ever done.

I wish I could find better words to show my appreciation, my gratitude, and my thanks. But, language is a funny thing, and even after attempts to gain a documented mastery of it, I now find myself falling back on these simple words: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. wouldn’t be the same without you, and neither would I.


  1. oh yeah did i ever tell you how much i <3 the layout of your site? purple being my favorite color, your site has always been so calming to my face.

  2. Lusi you’re the best, if i was a girl…… well Enrei is a girl so ask him

  3. Lusipurr has brought us all together and we cannot say we would be the same without him. We will be with you, whether when limping along or sprinting ahead.

  4. What Biggs said. We might give each other a whole lot of shit, but when it comes down to it, we’re all in this thing together.

  5. Thank you, everyone. I really do appreciate all the sentiments, condolences, and general encouragement. And once again, I cannot express how much I owe to my staff. The site may be called, but really it should be called Lusipurr’, since they are responsible for 99% of everything you see here.

  6. Damnit, all the good platitudes are taken!

    Cheer up buddy.

  7. The party’s bond increases 30 points!
    The party learns a new unity attack!

    Keep your head up, somebody has to host our silly opinions, keep me and some other balloon shaped idiot alive in XIV, and host a nice killing ground for all of us on Saturdays!

  8. I’m really tired, so when I first began to read I saw “Girlfriend of a year and a half”, “stroke” and “lost… the woman I loved.” So while this whole situation is definitely glum, I am glad to learn that there were no fatalities.

    And I’m glad to hear you’re doing alright, all things considered.

  9. You are and always will be a great person Lusipurr! If you weren’t why do you think you’d have people that are always here for you? Why would you have a website that everyone loves? You’re a great guy, and don’t ever change!

  10. There are literally people all over the world wishing you well, and I’m sure we’re all here if you do get too overwhelmed.

  11. @Enrei: Thanks jerk, now I want to play an old SNES Sailor Moon game again that featured group attacks.

    Sailor Lusipurr, playing TF2 by moonlight, writing a thesis by daylight, always ready for a mace fight, he’s the one named Lus-i-purr!

    And now I wait for my inevitable termination from the website! :D

  12. They say trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew. But time is the great Healer… whether it be a broken body, or a broken heart.

  13. Thank you again, everyone. Though things are overwhelming, with your help I am making it. I cannot thank you all enough. I honestly do not know what I would do without you; readers and staff alike.

    @Biggs: Ugh! Sailor Lusipurr indeed. D:

  14. @SiliconNooB I saw the word fanfic and I came running. I have Microsoft Word open and ready. But wait, I don’t know anything about Sailor Moon….time to do some research!

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