Pierson ‘Blitzmage’ Stone


Hello Lusipurr.com readers! It is I, Pierson ‘Blitzmage’ Stone, and I’m the newest staff member to join this hellish website where I will be working in the News department under one madam Biggs. You probably know me from site comments, Twitter, Facebook, or Haturdays (TF2)! I have been following the site since about a week or two after it started–fun little fact; the site and myself share the same birthday, although I am much older than the site. Now with that put to rest let me get started on my history with video games and my life so far.

I was raised in a medium-sized town in the super-small state of Maryland; I was schooled in Maryland and will be going to college in California. This coming autumn I will be studying at the New York Film Academy (NYFA) and I will be going for the BFA in Film Making degree. I hope one day to be a film director.

Onto my history with video games! It all started when my mother purchased me a Nintendo Gameboy Color with Pokemon Red. This was what first got me into role-playing games and video games in general. From there I received a Nintendo 64 with Pokemon Stadium and Paper Mario. So early on in my video game life I was more drawn to the Nintendo first party games such as Pokemon Stadium 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. After I was done with the N64 I was a good little Nintendo fanboy and got the Nintendo GameCube! During this generation I started playing a lot of “childish” actions games and quickly realized that this was not the genre that I liked. After many years of searching for RPGs on the GameCube I received a PlayStation 2! This period of my video game life is when I consider myself really becoming a true ‘hardcore’ gamer. When I received my PS2 it was quite late in its life cycle so I had many games to go back to and play. These games included Final Fantasy X-XII, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Metal Gear Solid 2-3, Persona 3: FES, and Resident Evil 4, to name a few.

As I said before I started with the Gameboy Color (GBC) and Pokemon Red. Continuing from there I obtained the two other Pokemon games, Blue and Yellow. During this time I obtained many games but very few are worth mentionng; they were movie licensed games and the like. After this I remained a good Nintendo fanboy and obtained every version of every handheld that Nintendo has released. Although I don’t have a 3DS yet I am waiting for the price drop on 12th August. The only time I have not been a good Nintendo fanboy was when I obtained my Darth Vader PSP-2000 and the PSPgo, which I love to death! The two PSPs have opened up so much more of the gaming world, especially the gaming world as it was before I really came into my own with games. When I obtained my PSPs I finally got to play Final Fantasy VII-IX, Metal Gear Solid, Suikoden, Parasite Eve, and, most recently, Xenogears, which I am still slowly working through.

Now for more present day matters! Like I said before, I currently own a DSi, PSP-2000, and PSPgo. I also own a Wii and a PlayStation 3. On these consoles I like to play mostly RPGs, adventure games, and, quite rarely, a FPS (first-person shooter). Of these genres, my favorite games are Fallout 3 or New Vegas, any Legend of Zelda game and, of course, my favorite FPS is Team Fortress 2, which I love to play with the readers and staff members at Lusipurr.com. Lastly I would like to give a big thank you to Lusipurr and his great staff who, for the past two years, have been running an amazing website. I am quite glad to be joining their mighty ranks! I hope you all enjoy my news bulletins, which will be on Thursdays! If you have any questions you want to ask me I implore you to comment or contact me using my staff bio page. This is Blitzmage saying, ‘Thursdays get PIERCED, SON!’


  1. huzzah! Welcome fellow newsy. I hope your stay is an enjoyable one. Insert something clever and funny about the news department here

  2. I, for one, believe Gideon Grieves is a GREAT addition to our staff line up!

    He’s what’s hot, he’s what’s happening, he’s what’s exploding right now, he’s what’s getting PIERCED, SON!

  3. Pierson Stone? That’s a bad ass name. Do you fight crime and stuff?

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