TSM Episode 8: Optimism


Produced 2011.08.07

DurgaSyn counts ’em all, SiliconNooB has buyer’s remorse, RootBeerKing is coming out, Reetin is working for a Christmas release, Emmori is shocked, Enrei is Indie, Deimosion gets litigious, and Lusipurr makes a statement. Also: optimism ABOUNDS!


  1. That’s because you’re a bad person and people need to give their evil elders nice things. Also, their evil elders need nice things.

  2. welcome to the starlight megaphone. home of the deridgibles holding hentai body pillows and the summer chocobo mating season as shown in this podcast. btw, shouldn’t the donation drive current total show how much past $1000 you’re at and the thermometer have a red overlay showing how many more “bad” games you have to play for the site?

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