News: Square Enix Release Final Fantasy Tactics on iOS at its Lowest Price Point Ever!

Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions
Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions

Blue testicled Lusisprites will be gratified to hear that this past week marked the release of staff favourite: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on iOS devices – or more specifically the iPhone, due to the known inability for iPad games to be released simultaneously as Universal Apps on the iTunes store. Director Yasumi Matsuno’s iconic tale of fellowship, intrigue, and betrayal has seen release at a heretofore unheard of price point for the title at a mere $16, that is none too shabby for a port that has spent almost as long in development as the 1997 original. To put this into perspective it represents a saving of a whopping $34 dollars over the PS1 original at launch, and commands a slight $6 premium over the current pricing of 2007’s PSP port. Happily iPad owners need not fret, as Square Enix has announced that a native iPad version of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions will be making its debut later this month – so they can look forward to paying somewhere in the vicinity of $18 for that.

As if JRPG fans had not been gifted with enough insane iOS bargains this week, Square Enix has also seen fit to strike a blow for massive savings by slashing the pricing of legacy iOS titles to celebrate the launch of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. On the iPhone front Chaos Rings: Omega has been drastically discounted to $9, Secret of Mana, Chaos Rings and Song Summoner have all been slashed to a tantalising $7, while both Final Fantasy I&II are a steal at $5 a piece. Meanwhile iPad versions of Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings: Omega have been busted down to $8 and $12 respectively, so head on down to iTunes and pick yourself up a Square Enix bargain!


  1. When I get an iPhone, I will shell out $7 for Secret of Mana….but as I probably won’t be getting an iPhone until next year, I will have to get my Seiken Densetsu fix through emulators or the awful DS games.

  2. I will probably get this, since it is such a bargain after all. I might get Secret of Mana as well, because who can resist such an amazing deal?

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