News: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Art Auction

Deus Ex Human Revolution
Deus Ex Human Revolution

On August 3rd 2011, Square Enix Inc., the American extension of Square Enix, announced details for an online auction of a limited run of prints shown at the Deus Ex: Human Revolution art show that began late in July. There were a total of 20 autographed and numbered prints of each of the nine works which were showcased at New York’s Wooster Street Social Club through August 7th. The prints will be available until August 17th on the auction site, with the proceeds being used to fund further education for future artists. Artists who have items up for bid are highly respected within the contemporary art, graffiti and photography including N8 Van Dyke, Estevan Oriol, Rob Abeyta Jr, Rico DeNiro, Eyeone, Patrick Martinez, 3rassiere, Jorge Alderete, Jeremy Fish and Sam Flores. All of the works of art are inspired by the world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, focusing on human augmentation to the extreme. “The works are both a credit to the artists as well as to the vision behind the game,” said Square Enix America vice president Ami Blaire. “It’s been great for us to share these bold and artistic interpretations with the public and collectors, as well as have a chance to give back to education in art and interactive entertainment.”

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a game set in the year 2027 where human augmentation has become commonplace, allowing people to be almost super human in some aspects of strength and sight. It is the third in the series of action RPGs and is set 25 years before the first game in the series. The game gives you many options to complete a mission as opposed to just resorting to violence and killing everything that moves. You will have options for stealth to avoid combat altogether, and even be able to use your augments to control the minds of your opponents in some cases. You play as Adam Jensen, a man cybernetically augmented against his will by the company he works for, Sarif Industries, a leader in the field of human augmentation. It was announced on July 27th By Square Enix and developer Eidos-Montreal that the game has ”gone gold ” and will be released in America for the XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and on PC with download available through Steam and OnLive on August 23, 2011.


  1. I can’t wait for Human Revolution, this is on my list right behind Xenoblade!

  2. yes! I am very excited for this game… Pre-ordered it days ago

  3. DE:HR is one of those games that I really hope will be good. If the reviews are positive, I imagine I’ll pick it up in short order after release.

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