Castle Lusipurr #1: The Stage Is Set

It really is a most environmentally-conscious way to travel. And, more importantly, it cuts down on staff travel expenses.
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You’re at the beginning.

The offices are a forboding place: a block of menacing steel and glass which has been imposed upon–not built within–an otherwise ordinary city.

But behind this facade, there is a symbol of joy. And no, that’s not a metaphor. Literally behind it, there is a symbol of joy.

This is the place where the magic happens: dark magic–magic that can weave around a wicked, wanton, wandering world, and wend its way to the denouemont orchestrated by one, timeless, ageless man–if he even is a man.

These are the chronicles of those offices, the people who work there, and the powerful will which governs their affairs. This is Castle Lusipurr.


  1. My hair isn’t that curly and the tie I was wearing was red.

  2. I imagine the Seinfeld Theme playing in the first two panels, and then a record scratch to silence in the third panel.

  3. RootBeerKing should now be the official composer for the strip.

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