News: Real Life Needs Patch Update

It looks like the cast of some crappy MTV reality show.
The most 'normal' picture I could find.

Second Life Documentary may make fun of writer Ginia’s love of the Sims and all others for their affection towards casual gaming, but one thing cannot be denied: these are still video games of some sort and people are still spending hours playing them. This begs the question, how do these types of games effect their players outside of their digital confines? Coming up on August 25th, Oprah’s cable channel will be showing a 2010 Sundance Film Festival film and winner of the 2010 Philadelphia Film Festival Award for Best Documentary about the actual lives lived side by side with the virtual lives. “Life 2.0” follows the lives of a few of players of the game Second Life in their real-life pursuits to fill what their life is missing with their virtual persona. One woman finds herself an online superstar fashion designer, and a man creates an eleven-year-old female character as an expression of his subconscious. An American and a Canadian find love through the game and struggle to make their relationship work in real life, no word on whether or not this is Ethan and Oliver but we can only assume the worst. The film has been described as unexpected, sometimes disturbing, and full of quirky humor. The two-hour documentary is scheduled to appear on the OWN Network for August 25th at 21:00 Eastern Standard Time.

Wait for the onsen DLC!
No, the loli will not show you Japan's best dark alleys.

Introduction to Weeabooism

As devout fanboys of all things Japanese, (or at least the weeaboo half of its staff) has many glorious wet dreams about visiting the land of the rising sun. Of course, there are complications holding us back from that; we are broke college students, none of us know Japanese, we might be a tiny bit xenophobic, and perhaps most of all, throwing a random gaijin into Tokyo is bound to end in a forever unsolved missing persons’ report. The visual novel developers at Manga Gamers and Overdrive knows all this and is trying to at least keep that last one from happening with their upcoming title, Go! Go! Nippon. The game serves as a guide to non-Japanese visiting Japan, putting players in the shoes of a foreign student travelling abroad. Your tour guides are a pair of walking anime tropes; twin sisters, one very short, flat-chested, and tomboyish, while the other is taller, bustier, and maintains a sweet, lovable appearance. However, stereotyped anime girls are not the highlight of this game. The most interesting feature thus far is a tie-in with Google Maps; while the game pays close detail to all the areas described, nothing beats seeing actual pictures of where you are. With one easy click, the guide will take you to the Street View option to see exactly where you are. If you intend to use this feature, you better have a netbook or other tiny laptop, as it appears to be PC-exclusive at this time. The game is expected to be priced somewhere between ten and fifteen dollars as to compete with other reasonably priced guidebooks, but it is unknown when Go! Go! Nippon is expected to be available.

I liked you better when your name was Bahamut and you were on my side.
You appear to be quite boned.

NIS Delivers…to the Japanese

As we draw closer and closer to the North American release date for Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten (that’s September 6th, for those of you who have not marked your calendars), Nippon-Ichi Software gives its fans more and more and more! Information was released this week regarding their upcoming DLC, revealing two new characters as well as a new scenario. The first of the two characters, NISA-chan, comes from consoles-fighting-consoles game Hyperdimension Neptunia, and for every ten hours you play, her Nippon Ichi beam (yes, that is her attack name) becomes one percent stronger. The second character, Pram, comes from Makai Kingdom with a Premonition ability which gives random battlefield effects, such as all attacks hit, all attacks miss, attack range up, or double attacks. The new scenario is far more intriguing than the characters, taking place before the events of Disgaea 4. The story follows characters Tyrant Valvatorez and Fenirch, unlocking Valvatorez as a playable character afterward. Unfortunately, most of these features are currently Japan only, including Valvatorez’s pirate ship sailing the seas up until August 31st.

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Casual or something better?

PS Vita Looking Even Better

Sony continues to sweeten the deal for any gamer who is considering buying their upcoming system, the Vita. News this week is that shortly after launch, the system will have support for Twitter, Skype, Facebook, and Foursquare and all will be able to be downloaded for free through the PlayStation Store. Also discovered this week, a plus for developers and amateur programmers alike, is that development kits for the Vita will be significantly cheaper than devkits for the PS3 and PSP. SCE Europe’s George Bain gave us the shocking numbers: 1,900 Euros for the Vita devkit, as opposed to €15,000 for PSP and €20,000 for PS3. There may even be the opportunity for free devkits for those offering games to SCE America’s PubFund, which searches for new PS-exclusive opportunities. Of course, in light that the Vita will be supporting social applications, it is easy to assume the worst that these cheap devkits are Sony’s hunt for the next Angry Birds or Farmville, but we can always hope that their intentions are not purely money grubbing.

Why waste perfectly good WTF?
I could have used a good picture of a Chocobo. But then I would not be using this.

Final Fantasy FINALLY Gets Chocobos!

Ask any Final Fantasy fan what its two favorite animals are and you will get two answers: Moogles and Chocobos. Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida posted this week that in the upcoming patch 1.19, players will finally receive their beloved horsebirds! Proving himself to be one of the brony comrades in arms by calling it the “My Little Chocobo” system, you will finally be able to get your own Grand Company-issue personal chocobos, in addition to renting them in three city-states for set durations of time. These three city-states will also have an airships system linking them together, so it is up to you if you want to fly instantly or travel on your giant chicken. New storylines and world quests will be added, in addition to Autumn holiday content, as well as a new dungeon for low level players and guildleve adjustments. His exhausting list of all the changes to be made in patch 1.19 can be found here, though many of them spill over into 1.20 and beyond. Still, HORSEBIRDS CHOCOBOS!


  1. I can only hope “My Little Chocobo” was a horrible translation and localization mistake…

  2. @Enrei, Well, at least they’re not still calling them horsebirds? SE seems to like puns and popculture references and puns in FFXI (and presumably this carried over to 14).

    I still don’t see how the Vita can end up being successful.

  3. I’m afraid that new handheld systems have to embrace the Agry Birds et al model of gaming if they wish to be competitive with the smartphone market.

    I’m extremely optimistic about the Vita’s chances ( insofar as anyone can be optimistic about a dedicated handheld in the era of the smartphone) precisely because I think it’s attempting to be all things to all people.

  4. @SN: I’m rather optimistic about the Vita as well, but I can’t help but have reservations after the Xperia. We all thought the fabled PSPhone would be fantastic, and it turned out to be a miserable plastic turd on an outdated Android platform. I’d love to think they learned from that experience and will apply those lessons, but that would make too much sense.

  5. To be fair the Xperia was predominantly the product of a different division within Sony.

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