News: Penny Arcade Expo 2011 News Writer Julian ‘SiliconNooB’ Taylor provided us with a heads-up this week of what to look out for at this weekend’s PAX in Seattle, Washington. In addition to the expected presentations, there were plenty of other events to tease and tantalize gamers.

As such, the 'Fluffy' dimension appears as fluffy clouds and everyone wears bunny suits.
In each dimension, the world around the player changes.

Quantum Conundrum

It was known before PAX that Kim Swift, one of the designers of Portal, would be revealing something new and exciting for Square Enix. Working with Airtight Games, Swift presented their upcoming title for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC called Quantum Conundrum. Fans of the Valve puzzle will recognize the same concepts in Quantum Conundrum, physics playing a curious role in the new game. As the nephew of a mad scientist who has invented the PowerGlove of every child’s wildest dreams, players use the glove to jump between dimensions. Each dimension has its own properties and players are challenged to solve the puzzles by jumping between them. The ‘Fluffy’ dimension was shown in the demo, in which everything weighs ten times less than regular. The puzzle at hand was solved by lifting a heavy metal safe while in the ‘Fluffy’ dimension and moving it against a wall to form a step, but because ‘fluffy’ objects tends to bounce, the player must switch to the regular dimension first. Other anticipated dimensions include slow-motion as well as reverse gravity. Quantum Conundrum’s demo was silent, but even without a soundtrack, the curious visuals and intriguing gameplay will make the wait til a yet-unspecified 2012 date a difficult one.

Some say he teabagged his cat when it died, and that spray-and-pray is his actual religion. All we know is he's called Master Chief.

Forza 4

What would make the happiest bro in the world? Take a bro game and add more bro from another bro game! The frat boy game du jour Halo will be debuting the Halo 4 warthog in the upcoming Forza Motorsport 4 game. Forza 4 will include the beloved car-ogling garage featured in previous installments of the series, but will now be Kinect enabled in addition to being operated with a regular controller. To the disappointment of Halo fans and the relief of actual driving fans, the Warthog will not be a usable vehicle as it is too slow for competition, but will be available in the gallery mode. It was confirmed at E3 2011 that Forza 4‘s virtual showroom will feature narration by Jeremy Clarkson of the BBC’s Top Gear. Players will only have to wait until October 11th to find out what the sarcastic old coot has to say about the military vehicle of the space marines.

Counter Strike Global Offensive
Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

While Halo and Forza are exclusive to Xbox 360 and could leave owners of other systems jealous, Valve is giving them a bit of a kick back into place. It has been discovered that recently announced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the 360 will be unable to play with the anticipated experiment of Valve to not only have multi-platform play but to have match-making based on skill. The PS3, PC, and Mac versions will all be allowed to play with each other (the PS3 version will allow keyboard and mouse use) and will also be testing new play modes for players of varying skill levels. In Casual mode, money is no concern as weapons can be bought regardless of price, and if the newbie dies during the round, they are able to spectate on the actions of any other player in order to learn how to play better. There is also cross-team chat, enabling players across sides to communicate to one another how a certain kill was executed and how the victim can avoid it next time. All of these new features are not present in Competitive mode, Valve’s graduated area for experienced Counter-Strike players, but what will be debuted is their new ELO system. Based on the chess rating system of the same name, ELO will divide players up by their skill level and assign them to servers where players of a similar ELO level are playing. In addition to new maps, redesigned versions of classic maps will also be in Global Offensive as well as a curious map that Valve offered only one detail: players will be playing as bank robbers. Keeping in mind that Valve’s favorite Team Fortress 2 was also made after years of fans playing an unofficial modification to Quake, and that the life of Counter-Strike began as a modification to Half-Life, it has been proven that Valve has the experience and know-how to take what the fans have developed and turn it into something fantastic, though they do insist on a slightly more serious note than TF2 that CS:GO will not have hats. So when will gamers be able to see the fruits of their labors? PAX attendees received codes to participate in PC version testing when the beta goes live in October, and the game itself is expected sometime in first quarter 2012. No price has been speculated on yet, but Valve associates do say that it will be download-only.

Super Mash-Up Gaming!
Mario meets Dead Space meets Halo.


It was expected that Mojang’s Scrolls would be shown at PAX 2011, but perhaps more interesting than that was the debut of Cobalt The team that made Minecraft presented their new game, a two-player side-scrolling platformer, expressing the desire to get it on to at least one console system in addition to PC, Mac, and Linux. In the demo at PAX, players could either go co-op or competitive in the story of a space-farer who finds Earth’s lost colonization ship sans its staff or sanity. While that may sound like a rip-off of Dead Space, the game is anything but. The usual running and jumping one would expect from a platformer are prevalent, as well as wall climbing and rolling to avoid attacks. Weapons will help gamers both attack their enemies and affect the environment, such as sticky bombs blowing open hidden doors. Mojang developers stress that this is not the standard Mario scroller, mostly because our favorite plumber did not have access to rocket launchers. Unfortunately, though the game has been in development for a year, there is no information on a possible release date as of yet.


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