News: University of Michigan Computer and Video Game Archive

University of Michigan

In the basement of the University of Michigan Art, Architecture and Engineering Library is the Computer and Video Game Archive (CVGA). The archive, which opened in 2008, is filled to the brim with computers, gaming stations and video games. The archive is open from 12:00 to 19:00 on weekdays and is available to all students, and offers games from every era of video gaming history for students to play at their leisure. The CVGA collects materials relating to games for the purpose of academic inquiry, including but not limited to: programming and technology, artistic and literary expression, social and cultural impact, instruction and education.

In an interview shortly after the archive had been opened, David Carter, the CVGA founder, said, “the archive had been in the works for about two years. I received encouragement from colleagues and faculty when telling them of the idea. That support signaled that the time was right to get something like this off the ground.” In 2007, U.S. video game sales totaled more than nine and a half billion dollars, a total which Carter was able to use to back his interest in having a computer and video game archive at the University of Michigan.

Those who are interested in visiting the CVGA should be advised that recently the Archive has moved from the basement of the Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library to the basement of the associated Duderstadt Center; a move which gives the archive over double the space it had when it originally opened.

Those interested in further information or a look at the library can view a short production which is available on YouTube, or visit the official website.