Castle Lusipurr #3: The Casting Call

Texans and Floridians need not apply.
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…Or, start from the beginning.

With the squatters ejected, things at Castle Lusipurr were much quieter and more orderly. But, of course, this would never do. An orderly keep may be a happy keep, but it is also a strangely unproductive one.

To this end, a great undertaking was embarked upon–a gathering of minds from near and afar. The offices filled, the desks occupied, the cubicles staffed, the galleys manned with dutiful slaves, ready to row to a journalistic opportunity like no other.

But that was all in the future. In the present, there were appeals to make, signs to post, and men–dutiful men–to ensure that the plan came to pass.


  1. Ten Gallon Texans are not wanted nor are those gator loving freaks from Florida

  2. I’d like to imagine that the suited-up security guys are just made in a lab below the building a la Aperture Science.

  3. They are all cloned from Lusipurr’s DNA samples from several hundred years ago.

  4. I’m certain they are just automatons controlled via walkie-talkie by an army of anthropopomorphic Scottish Cats!

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