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Not Quite Battle Fantasia?

Most weeaboos have gone to YouTube and seen the ‘Battle Fantasia’ videos. Not Battle Fantasia, the arcade fighting game by Arc System Works, but the fan-made ‘Battle Fantasia’ videos based off of Super Robot Wars featuring chibi versions of popular anime girls in an arcade fighting game. Since as early as 2005, these videos have circulated around YouTube, making many a nerd weep upon discovering that it is not actually a game, probably due to the ridiculous licensing costs it would incur. However, another company already had limited licensing rights to these characters: Good Smile Company. The brand known for producing the small adorable Nendoroid line of anime figurines is soon to release a game featuring their figures and the characters they represent. Namco-Bandai’s Nendoroid Generation will be an RPG for the PSP and while plot details have not been released, some game mechanics have been. Players can set their Nendoroids to the role of attacker or performer; the former’s role is obvious, while the latter provides support to the attacker. Most of the characters will also have costume change options which can grant them different effects in battle. Of course, none of this matters to fans that just want to play as chibi versions of their favorite characters. Characters from Fate/Stay Night, Haruhi Suzumiya, Nanoha, Steins;Gate, and Touhou will all be at your disposal on 23rd February, 2012, at least assuming you live in Japan. No localization plans have been revealed at this time.

Jensen finds the Missing Link? Deus Ex Paleontology!
He looks kinda high...

Deus Ex “Missing Link” DLC

For fans of the human augmentation game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the past two weeks have been an enjoyable journey of hacking, though not in the conventional ‘hack and slash’ sense. No, players have been using their computer skills both in the game and out to piece together an intricately laid out puzzle in the game. It all started with a curious string of letters and number scrolling at the bottom of the start screen, then slowly came the mysterious tweets from the game’s developers. After a bit of working, gamers were able to find 13311TOWER.COM, which showed the layout of some unidentified person’s desk. Amongst the papers strewn about, a post-it note adorned with an eye inside a pyramid, the symbol of the Illuminati. When clicked on, it prompted players for a username and password, which was cracked quickly to reveal the picture at right. Simultaneously, others worked through the source code of the website, unlocking a WAV file of morse code with a GPS entry to Uluru, Australia (UPDATE: Our Foster’s-powered GPS unit Julian Taylor alerts us that Uluru is meant to be Ayer’s Rock). Game director Jean-Francois Dugas congratulated gamers for their impressive efforts and elaborated that the upcoming DLC will see protagonist Adam Jensen stripped of his augmentations and sent (possibly to Australia) to fight without them. Nothing like a good scavenger hunt to drum up excitement, though gamers will still have to wait until October for the DLC to arrive.

Generic anime characters, ho!
7th Dragon 2020

7th Dragon 2020

Fans of the Nintendo DS series Luminous Arc are familiar with their developer, Imageepoch, and are probably disappointingly familiar with their near exclusivity to Japan. They have released few games outside of their home nation, including 2009’s 7th Dragon, also for the DS. The sprite-based RPG took place in Eden, overwhelmed by dragons and the humans that had no choice but to kill the scaly overlords if they wanted their species to survive. The setting was as you would expect for dragon slaying; somewhat medieval world, your characters are knights, mages, et cetera. The series received a 33/40 from Famitsu and sold over 100,000 units in its first two weeks, enough success for publisher Sega to decide to give the series a sequel. 7th Dragon 2020 is a large deviation from the original game, but looks promising. No longer sprite-based, 7th Dragon 2020 uses super-deformed polygons and is set, as its title implies, in the year 2020. The Knight and Mage class have been rendered obsolete and replaced by the Hacker and the Psychic, joining the ranks of Samurai, Trickster, and Destroyer. Characters can be customized to some extent as well, including the voice acting of each character with fifteen choices for either gender. The setting has been relocated to downtown Shibuya, though thanks to the dragons that haven taken over, the once glorious city has been overrun with vines and flowers. With an opening theme voice by Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku, 7th Dragon 2020 appears to be the fevered dream of a weeaboo after a night of Dungeons and Dragons, or half of the staff. However, as with its predecessor, there has been no talk of international release, only that the game will drop in Japan sometime this fall for the PSP.


  1. 7th Dragon 2020 should be released in the US, but NEVER will be. :(

  2. It’s called ‘Ayer’s Rock’, Jenifer. I am unaware of any such locality named ‘Uluru’ in Australia.

  3. @EP: Errr….what?

    @SN: I’m just reporting what was found. Typical Amurrikkan, I don’t know what anything else is in the world besides THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE DERP. Post updated to reflect accurate location, XD

  4. LOL naw – our politicians have taken to calling it Uluru in the last decade or so, presumably because they are ashamed of their Australian-British heritage – but I’ll be damned if I’ll allow the darkies to rename Australia’s natural land-features! Fuck them! A class of do-nothing alcoholic vagrants with rapist tendencies are not suitable to determine the complexion of our national character, and our weak, Welsh politicians should show more leadership, and less of a cultural cringe – because our past is nothing to be ashamed of, and being Australian isn’t half so bad as being Welsh *spits* !

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