TSM Episode 12: Paid DLC

That Chris 'Sabin' Privitere fellow is a bad influence on staff!
Acrimony! Rage! Fury! Progress! Industry! Square Enix!

Produced 2011.09.04

Biggs gives us a Tokyo preview, Deimosion is DRM-free, Reetin leaves a galaxy far, far away, Enrei talks about talking, Blitzmage is puzzled by subscription DLC, Sabin prepares for Persona, and Lusipurr is no longer banned in Germany! Also: acrimony!

* * *

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  1. Les Misérables is an incredible piece of literature. I think of it as sort of the Ulysses of 19th century French literature, as an attempt to make a complete statement of the social, political, and cultural zeitgeist.

    Speaking of Ulysses, I’d love to play a modernist, stream-of-consciousness, highly symbolic but disjointed narrative with multiple character perspectives RPG set in a single city in a single day right about now.

  2. I found myself staring at my computer at work today, pretending to do something because I was too caught up in the debate going on about DLC. I liked how Chris never really backed off even when the whole panel was jumping on him. Makes for good listening.

  3. It’s actually a mark of the end of days, SN. If you read the Bible carefully, you will see that it says:

    “And lo the Lord cometh to save His true believers when the video game companies charge for DLC. He shall reach His hand out to grasp thine own, and pull thee to Heaven, ever merciful.”

  4. Well, Lusi, you may call Chris persistdustrious and obstinacygresional but prefer to think of him as devils advocatorial.

  5. In the same way I “have” my body, you could say the devil “has” Bobby Kotick. Sure.

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