News: Happy Days Are Here Again for Nintendo?

Flame Red 3DS
Flame Red 3DS

More good news this month for Nintendo’s struggling 3DS handheld console, with August US sales figures revealing a 260% increase in sales over the nineteen days following the system’s August 12 price cut.

It would seem that the $169.99 price point is a far more palatable entry-level pricing for handheld gamers, bolstering US 3DS sales to the tune of 235,000 units sold in the month of August. Nintendo have understandably been crowing at their nascent portable’s first real sniff at success, and look to further capitalise on this resurgence by releasing a ‘Flame Red’ 3DS, which will have launched alongside fan-favourite Star Fox 64 3D by the time that this post goes live. Nintendo are touting the fondly remembered Star Fox 64 3D as a killer app to help maintain the 3DS’ momentum, though one may well wonder by how much the 3DS user-base stands to grow with the release of yet another Nintendo 64 enhanced port. Nintendo is relying on such new features as motion controls and four-player battle mode to keep the title fresh and generate interest – they dubiously claim that the new gyroscopic controls offer more precision than conventional methods, and they assure gamers that the four-player battle mode will work with only one copy of the game, which must surely be a first for Nintendo.

Nintendo’s recent good fortune has left them with much confidence regarding the 3DS’ prospects. How much confidence? So much confidence that they are gearing up to release a new ‘Metallic Rose’ model of the functionally superior DSi XL on the 18th of September. Nintendo are touting Kirby – Mass Attack (19/9) and Professor Layton and the Last Specter (17/10) as must-have franchise titles for latecomers to their DSi handheld, a line-up which should ensure healthy sales going into the holiday period. The ‘Metallic Rose’ DSi XL is set to confidently retail at $169.99 (the same price as the 3DS).


  1. If by new feature they mean old feature! Four player battle mode was a part of the original 64 title.

  2. “In addition to the full original game, Star Fox 64 3D also includes a new multiplayer mode in which up to four players can compete in an aerial dogfight to see which of them is master of the skies.”


  3. Gamers see numbers are higher and yell SUCCESS! Analysts and investors do the actual math, see the numbers aren’t nearly high enough, and yell FAILURE!

    Regarding successes and failures, the more I’ve paid attention to the investment side of gaming news over the last couple years, the less I’ve wanted to pay attention to the gamer side. When corporations like S-E and Nintendo horribly miss their financial targets over a long period of time, Big Changes occur. The 3DS sales numbers are still bad at the moment.

  4. LOL! Well the initial flurry of interest generated by the price cut was always going to die back down (Nintendo will just be hoping that it doesn’t fall back to pre-price-cut levels).

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