News: Nintendo 3DS Getting 3D Video Recording and Two Mario Games

Aqua Blue 3DS
Aqua Blue 3DS

This November the Nintendo 3DS will be getting a version update, which will let the 3DS capture 3D video footage. Like all other Nintendo 3D features, this too will not require the viewers to be wearing any kind of 3D glasses. Details are not forthcoming regarding quality or duration of the films, its file format, or even sharing it to other systems or exporting it out, supporting the notion that users will be able to share the video by handing the system to someone else.

Also coming on 13 November, Super Mario 3D Land will the first appearance of Mario on the new Nintendo handheld. Like other games in the Mario series, this one will be a 3D platforming adventure. Players will also get to use the 3DS’ built-in gyro sensor feature to scout levels and find hidden secrets. Mario fans will not have to wait long to get their next fix because, on 4 December, Mario Kart 7 will also be released on the Nintendo 3DS. Mario Kart 7 will have a first-person driving mode that is controlled using the gyro sensor. Also added are new characters to pick from, including Lakitu and Metal Mario. Much like Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7 will have a similar tricks system where the player can perform a trick when they have launched themselves into the air. Nintendo will release more details about these new games in the coming months.

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