Castle Lusipurr #5: Hired!

Of course, there is a little more to employment eligibility than this...
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…Or, start from the beginning.

The desired qualifications of a potential employee are numerous, but some are clearly more important than others. It is desired that an applicant has experience with writing at the academic level, preferably in a writing-intensive major. Journalism experience is a plus, as is editorial experience and knowledge of modern style guides.

But there are yet other important factors which must be considered.

*N.B. Eagle-eyed readers will notice that somewhere in between panels one and two, I remove my coat. This is not a mistake: it is a common side-effect of my ability to teleport and summon tea at will that my suit coat can, occasionally, blink in and out of this plane of existence.


  1. @Enrei: It’s certainly a laudable qualification to possess!

    @Vicks: You’re getting old and your memory is failing you.

  2. I like to think that Lusi is constantly wearing a cape, even when he’s asleep.

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