News: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Adds the Golden Sauce

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Logo
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Logo

September’s Tokyo Game Show has now been and gone for another year, and in the midst of all the shock game announcements and weaboos playing dress-up, it is often easy to overlook the fact that such prestigious trade shows also serve another function: the showcasing of known quantities with the aim of furnishing the public with additional detail ahead of a game’s rapidly approaching release date – one such game is Final Fantasy XIII-2. In a megaton announcement that would surely justify any number of long-winded and/or prolix introduction paragraphs, Yoshinori Kitase has this week revealed that for the first time since Final Fantasy VII’s much cherished Golden Saucer location the Final Fantasy series is set to feature a casino location replete with Chocobo racing!

Yesterday during one of Sony’s Play Live talk sessions Square Enix Producer Yoshinori Kitase reveled that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is indeed set to feature a casino location, and one that will not only include the requisite Chocobo racing mini-game, but also a King’s bounty of other amusements and nicknacks. Kitase also took the opportunity to assuage players that while DLC is indeed on the cards this time around, that it is set to feature additional costumes, weapons and monsters rather than game content, and that the standalone Final Fantasy XIII-2 game disc will offer a full and satisfying experience.

While developer interviews tend to be the quickest way of disseminating new tidbits of information as they become available, diligent series enthusiasts can nevertheless pick up on many new details by simply scrutinising the game media to come out of this event; to this end Final Fantasy XIII-2’s TGS trailers introduced us to the dramatic redesigns of Hope and Snow brought about by the game’s time-travel narrative. The character of Hope has been aged beyond the best preferences of Pedobear, and hopefully past his proclivities towards annoying teen angst as witnessed in the original title. There is no saving Snow however, and if anything his character’s redesign has him looking like a bigger turkey than before. Finally, careful scrutiny of gameplay videos has revealed a menu command which seems to suggest that players will be able to change their party leader mid-battle. While this feature is still firmly within rumour territory, it would nevertheless be very much appreciated.


  1. The casinos are actually my least favorite part of Dragon Quest games (especially the Parcheesi board thing in DQV), and when I’ve replayed FF7, 8 *throw up in mouth*, and 9 recently since their late 90’s releases the mini games are the shit I absolutely do not bother with. I always used to say that Square made great RPGs and terrible other games and trying to merge the two never works. (Except for the crazy people who like the shitty card games for reasons science can’t yet explain.)

  2. I’ve liked a few of their minigames, I am well pleased that they have made this kind of effort.

  3. I really loved the Chocobo racing, road rash style motorbike game, shooting game, and who could forget Mog’s House kupo?

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