News: DC Universe Online Goes Free to Play in October

DC Universe Online
DC Universe Online

On September 19th, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) announced their new plans to make DC Universe Online free to play on the PlayStation 3 and PC. DC Universe Online is a MMORPG that gives players the chance to become legendary super heroes or villains, fighting alongside such DC Icons as Batman, Superman and the Joker. It was thought to be a dream come true for any DC Comics fan, with hours of gameplay and a very involved character generation system that lets you pick your powers, look, and history.

Beginning late October, players will be able to download and access DC Universe Online for free on both the PlayStation 3 console and PC. As part of this transition, SOE is introducing three new access levels to the game: Free, Premium and Legendary. All three levels will provide access to open world gameplay and missions, general game updates and fixes to the game, with each level offering different game options and benefits.

All three levels provide access to the current game, but allow differing tiers of convenience and flexibility. The first level, creatively named Free, gives new players access to all of the current gameplay in DC Universe Online (including Gotham City, Metropolis, and all current raids and alerts), with the ability two create a whopping two characters, and join a league and many other benefits. Free level players will be able to purchase downloadable game packs/updates, additional character slots, powers and more through micro transactions.

Any player who has spent at least $5 (including former paid subscribers and new players who have purchased $5 of in-game items) will qualify for the Premium access level. Premium level players will have more benefits available to them than the Free level player, including additional character slots, additional inventory slots, and higher cash limits. Downloadable adventure packs, additional character slots, and more can be purchased in-game.

Maximum features and benefits are included at the Legendary level. Loaded with enhanced additional features, Legendary access will be available for a $14.99 monthly fee and includes all downloadable content packs at no cost, more than 15 character slots, more than 80 inventory slots, the ability to form unrestricted-sized leagues, and many other benefits.

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  1. I’m really excited about this. I’ve wanted to try out DCUO since it launched, but have been waiting for a good sale to pick it up for cheap and try it out. Can’t get much cheaper than free, though! I have no idea if I’ll actually spend any money on the game, but if it’s free to download and play, doesn’t hurt to jump in and give it a shot, right?

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