Castle Lusipurr #6: Poor, Unfortunate Souls

Goethe wrote about a doctor who encountered a similar situation. That worked out for the doctor, right?
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What are the expectations of a employee? They are numerous–but before one even begins to discuss temporal matters of duty, obligation, and expectation, there are larger, more eternal matters which have to be addressed. Luckily, these issues are not much of a problem for the average employee.

This week, you may note a few in-jokes in the comic. They are there because KenJuJuu is a wit, not because I, Lusipurr, ordained that it must be so. Actually, strike that: let me take the credit. All of the good things are there because I ordained that the good things ought be there. All of the bad things are there because someone else (probably KenJuJuu!) put them there without my knowledge.

This comic is very good; yet so much detail is lost in the downsizing. This realisation has spawned a format change. If possible, we will try to convert the old comics to the new format. Otherwise, the beautiful new format will start from next week. Look forward to it. I think readers be pleased with the results of our artistic enterprise (see also: INDUSTRY! PROGRESS! AESTHETICS!).


  1. I hope Fat Albert gets hired! Bod gets lonely in the mascot department.

  2. I feel like I’ll be labeled an ass if all I do here is point out corrections, but…….must resist…urge…to correct…lusipur….must not…point…out…missing word….!!!!

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