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The creators expressed their pleasure in Wright's 3D transformation.
Standard Phoenix expression.

Layton and Wright Heading to America?

In October 2010, we first heard of the upcoming production by Capcom and Level-5 that sees Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright, both of their own respective Nintendo DS titles, face off in a medieval courtroom. Nearly a year later, multiple details about the 3DS title have been released and in a simple packet at last week’s Tokyo Game Show, it came to light that the game is likely to see localization outside of Japan. A discussion with the creators, Akihiro Hino of Level-5 and Shuu Takumi of Capcom, yielded that while the title is tentatively “Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney”, there will be an opportunity in the game for the pair to face off against a ‘big boss’ together. The environment of the game gives a shock to both protagonists, ruffling the usual unflappable Professor Layton and confusing the easily confused Phoenix Wright. What man of logic would not be shocked by the medieval trial system, which takes the form of peasants crying wolf. It is up to Layton and Wright to decide which potential witnesses hold the most valuable information. Their client, a young girl named Mahoune, faces charges of being a witch, prosecuted by Sir Jiiken Barthlord. The series’ clever naming habits, ‘mahou’ meaning magic and ‘jiken’ meaning case, presents the amusing attention to detail that Ace Attorney fans have gotten used to. As the moment, no release date has been set, but Level-5 and Capcom have planned two promotional events in October 15th and 16th that should give players a first chance to try the title, as well as get a glimpse of the upcoming Phoenix Wright 10th Anniversary Memorial Courtroom event.

Hot coffee always did sound like a bad hentai.

Used Games = Criminal Activity

A handful of staff and readers have experience with certain unnamed gaming retailers and their trade-in policies, so we have seen our fair share of customers come into our stores with obviously stolen merchandise. Protip: its hard to believe you are giving us a used game if the shrink wrap is still on it. Whether or not to accept the merchandise and promote illegal activity is up to the discretion of the employees, but in some states, the authorities want to have greater involvement. The city of Madison, Wisconsin has proposed a new law that would require any person trading in their used video games have their picture taken and added to a police database. The law has no restrictions on how it made be shared with other police agencies, including other states or the federal government. While the merits of the system are arguably good, the overwhelming negative response to something so invasive to the law-abiding public will hopefully strike this law down before the board.

Does this mean the clock is going backwards now?
Better than the usual 'oh look at the time' meme.

Expedience? In MY Valve?

Its more likely than you think! Valve has never been known for their ability to read a clock or calendar, but they are trying to rectify that with the release of the DotA 2 open beta. Do not get too excited just yet, they are not opening those doors quite yet, but they do say they are ahead of schedule. On the official DotA 2 blog, DotA designer IceFrog said the overwhelming fan response has been that they just want to play it now. The closed beta was not going to be opened until sometime next year, but the team is now working on getting it to an acceptable level for open beta as soon as possible. In the meantime, those desperate to see what’s going on will soon get a taste, as the restrictions on the closed beta have been loosened, allowing those with access to take screenshots, make videos, and publicly discuss the game. In the next few weeks, we will hopefully get a much bigger picture of DotA 2 while we wait for the beta to open up.

I was not expecting to find anything this hilariously awesome.

Biggs’ Bio Bubble

Growing up with the mental stimulation of video games, gamers and geeks are generally more analytical and persistent than their non-gaming counterparts. But who knew that the drive to not be beaten by a game could have a hand in cracking the code behind the AIDS virus. Retroviruses like HIV are a composed of a complex web of proteins folded together, and on the plane of a microscope, scientists can only see one dimension. In order to understand the virus, the protein must be examined in a three-dimensional space to see exactly how it is folded. Using the game Foldit, designed in 2008 at the University of Washington, gamers were challenged to unfold chains of proteins into their component amino acids using a set of online tools. Upping the ante, these gamers were divided into groups and set against each other in competition. Keeping in mind that there are twenty-two amino acids and the human body is estimated to have over two million proteins, it is astonishing that it only took these gamers three weeks to come up with an accurate model of the desired retrovirus enzyme. The ability of the gamers to succeed where computers had failed was explained by technology’s lack of spatial reasoning skills. With the valiant efforts of gamers today, perhaps tomorrow the pre-pubescent shout of “STFU NOOB GO GET AIDS AND DIE” will be obsolete. We can only dream.


  1. I’m not wearing any pants!

    That used game law sounds like a really bad idea. Textbooks, movies, etc, all can be stolen too and there’s no asinine laws regarding selling them.

    Also, Gabe Newell eats babbies.

  2. Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton vs Big Boss? That sounds AWESOME!


    You hateful creature! :D

  4. Is Capcom’s Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney supposed to be a fighting game?

  5. Professor Layton X Ace Attorney sounds like a slash fanfic.

  6. The Ace Attorney series has enough slashfic already, we don’t need to add more characters to that!

    Even so, I’m rather excited. I’ve not played a Professor Layton game, but I know they’re a similarly detective-like series. I’ve played all the Phoenix Wright games and loved them, so I have high hopes for this game.

  7. I imagine the hands on a Valve clock never move; they are painted on.

  8. the layton games are a lot of fun, and judging from the preview for this crossover I saw on youtube a while back, this game looks like it’ll be pretty amazing

  9. Only played one Layton game. Really loved it. More than I expected.

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