News: Nintendo Advertises the Ability to Turn the 3DS’ 3D Off!

Flame Red 3DS
Flame Red 3DS

In recent years, Nintendo has become known as the console manufacturer willing to miserly shortchange consumers on the technology front, preferring instead to sell their systems on the strength of partially conceived innovative gimmicks – this week however, Nintendo finally appears to have conceded that their 3DS strategy has come unstuck, and have thus initiated a marketing campaign to advertise the ability for gamers to switch the 3D effect off!

Nintendo of Europe have kicked off a campaign to educate consumers as to their ability of switching off the system’s 3D effect as they play their 3DS games, while highlighting the system’s capacity of displaying Nintendo DS games in pristine two dimensional format! While diehard 3D fanatics may well question the conventional wisdom of turning off the system’s one unique feature, it is nevertheless of little surprise that Nintendo has opted to do so. This week Interpret LLC revealed that the gaming public has significantly cooled to the concept of glasses-free 3D, with 28% of 3DS players feeling that the 3D effect substantially detracted from a game (presumably the same proportion of owners who use public transport), while a mere 22% considered that the 3D effect improved gameplay. Moreover, it was revealed that there was a sum total of 13% of 3DS owners who preferred to play with the 3D effect switched completely off at all times.

While these findings were no doubt disheartening for Fils-Aime et al., what should prove of graver concern to that thrifty cohort is the public’s broader tastes in 3D entertainment consumption. 56% of respondees indicated their preference for 3D entertainment delivered via a compatible console and television (irrespective of the need for glasses), while a whopping 37% of respondees indicated that they felt dizzy and/or nauseous after watching 3D entertainment.

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