TSM Episode 15: The Final Fantasy VIII Roundtable

Cid Kramer
Cid Kramer

Download Link: Produced 2011.09.25

Deimosion gets a divorce, Reetin is a Christmas gift, Blitzmage receives a gift, and Lusipurr waits until next year. Also: the panel embarks on a lengthy and POSITIVE discussion of Final Fantasy VIII. Tell your friends and support Extra Life 2011!

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  1. I think you guys should all play Maple Story together for Extra Life.

    And once again, my condolences to all of you suffering through playing FFVIII.

  2. You’re already inflicting suffering on yourself with FFVIII, and then going straight from that to Fable? How about Earthbound (or Mother 3), something wholesomely fun for the kids?

  3. … or if it has to be suffering, get the full version of FFXI, and spend 24 hours installing and downloading the updates.

  4. FUCK DISC 2, but really I think the biggest problem with FFVIII is the retard shit you have to do in places like the garden and the middle base

  5. @Enrei When I see Laguna, I think, “Oh, damn it, more stuff they could have cut out of the game to make it take up less of my time!”

  6. LOL, I just noticed that the ‘like’ button has transformed into a ‘dislike’ button!

  7. When I see Squall I think the exact same thing, Stephen…

    SE should have released FFVIII like a Pokemon game, with a Laguna version and a Squall version.

  8. How do people say Cloud is emo when sure he’s a bit of an emotional wreck for a while when he realizes he’s not Zack and falls into the Lifestream, but starts the game as an aloof, stoic badass and finishes it an utterly comfortable in his skin badass who banged Tifa while the whole gang watched? I only bring this up because Squall actually is emo (somebody should play FFVIII and take a drink everytime Squall says “…” and “Whatever.” …or not because they’ll fucking die, I guess?). God I hate FFVIII so much.

  9. I think that people call him an Emo because that is what SE turned him into for Advent Children.

  10. No, people did before as well. Doesn’t make sense either way. Not much else to say, EP nailed it.

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