Castle Lusipurr #7: Toil and Trouble

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. And also add two tbsp. grated rhubarb.
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…Or, start from the beginning.

Hyperbole during the hiring process is typical at all companies, as are the dire warnings and legalistic demands which are presented as a matter of course–but in some places, these statements are taken more seriously.

The Skype Water Cooler is, and is like to remain, a key feature of the staff experience. Have something to get off your chest? Tell it to the staff at the water cooler. Want to be verbally assaulted by people who like Ska or thinking that Kingdom Hearts is a ‘good game’? Tell it at the water cooler. Such are the ways in which legends are born, in-jokes are crafted, and lighter-than-air vehicles take to the skies.


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  1. This comic gets a 100% approval rating on the Blitzmage scale of AWESOME!

  2. I always wonder why water coolers have two nozzles. One is for water and the other is for… what?

  3. They are. One is cooled water and the other is room temperature.

  4. The Skype Water Cooler Dispenser ™ has two nozzles: one for water, and the other for a synthetic soul supplement substance to satiate the staff’s need for the souls they no longer possess.

  5. LusiTea. The only tea for those in need of spiritual replenishment*.

    *May not actually provide spiritual replenishment.

  6. One nozzle is for water, the other nozzle actually dispenses a different liquid depending on which staff member is accessing it.

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