News: Saving the World, One Flush at a Time

Pee and Poo Save the World
Pee and Poo Save the World

One of the most curious e-mails to grace the inboxes greeted me when I woke this morning, and I feel it delivers a fitting end. Most omens involve dark clouds and rumbling thunder, mine involve toilet humor…toilet humor that could misconstrue “dark clouds and rumbling thunder” with a giggle.

With a name like Brown and Yellow International Holdings LLC, players have to wonder what kind of company we are dealing with here. No fear, they deal with exactly what you think they do. The team of Peter Cortez and Joe Sayaman released their brainchild to the iOS app store this week for a paltry $0.99, a juvenile game by the name Pee and Poo Save the World. No, I am not kidding you, get your proof here.

In this new iPhone game, players control anthropomorphic waste products who, as the title implies, must save the world. Aliens have come to their world to abduct baby animals and the duty (hehe, duty) of saving them is up to the foul duo the only way they know how. Plungers fly, farts drop like stinky bombs from the sky, water balloons mimic Jarate, and torches of excrement bombard the extraterrestrial enemies.

The game’s creators admit that it is not a serious game, but that’s the point. “We can’t sit there going, ‘We’re going to create the next big game and everyone will love it.’ We can’t worry about that,” said Cortez, adding, “we just wanted to create something good, that people will thoroughly enjoy for more than five minutes.”

And with that, I bid you adieu, I will still be around, reading and commenting and blowing up your Twitter feeds, but I feel that my time as news editor has passed. Thanks for the delightful months here! Apology accepted!


  1. It’s because of the name change, isn’t it? D:

    I’d totally buy Pee&Poo if it were on Android!

  2. Somewhere, Nate Liles is shitting himself in glee.


  3. Wedge is still on staff, Vicks left, but then came back reborn like a weeaboo phoenix!

  4. Pictured:
    Weeaboo Phoenix with accurate statement of facts of my return:

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