TSM Episode 16: Rinoa in Space

Final Fantasy VIII is just a dream that Selphie has whilst on a train to her classes at Trabia Garden.
Selphie Tilmitt, the main character of Final Fantasy VIII

Produced 2011.10.02

In this week’s episode, Emmori prepares for a game involving thrones, Enrei is humbled by a bundle, Blitzmage announces a free soundtrack, and Lusipurr is finally released! Also: The Final Fantasy VIII playthrough continues through week two, sadly.

* * *

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  1. Ah, hearing you guys talk about FFVIII… It brings back memories. Terrible, terrible memories. Between this and Fable week, should we be readying a therapist for you, Lusi?

    Sadly, I bought Chrono Trigger DS a while back, but I still haven’t even cracked the packaging. At this point, it’s just another game on my ever-expanding backlog.

    Most people who play Codblops probably deserve to be throttled so that story really isn’t too surprising.

    On a podcast-related note, I’ve been toying around with doing a podcast over at my site at some point now that we have more writers. How long do you spend each week recording and producing the cast?

  2. We spend about 1 and a half to two hours with pre production and recording the podcast, i think it takes lusi about an hour or two to edit the podcast depending on how anal you want to be with censorship.

  3. Chrono Trigger DS really is wonderful, and you should play it.

    Podcast recording takes roughly one hour, plus one hour for every hour recorded.

    Editing takes anywhere from as little as two hours to as much as six hours depending on what needs to be done. Then comes the pictures, the writing, the post-backend and so on.

  4. @ Blitz, Lusi Thanks for the insight!

    @ EP Selphie’s train song is the best thing to come out of a PS1 Final Fantasy. Period.

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