News: Chrono Trigger Released on PlayStation Network

Chrono Trigger SNES Box Art
Chrono Trigger SNES Box Art

On 4 October, 2011, the PlayStation port of Chrono Trigger was released on the PlayStation Network. The game, like all other PlayStation releases on the PSN, is playable on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

In Chrono Trigger the player controls the silent protagonist, aptly named Crono, and his companions in there quest to save the very fabric of time itself from the evil mage Magus. Players will travel through time encountering many cities and dungeons that are effected by the choices Crono and his friends make during the course of the game. Chrono Trigger uses an active time battle system much like the system used in the Final Fantasy games of the time. Given the nickname “Active Time Battle 2.0” by Hiroyuki Ito, battles take place on from a top down view which players can use to their advantage with attacks or spells that use an area of effect. Chrono Trigger also has a New Game + feature which, after beating the game at least once, players can replay the game and get a completely different ending then the one originally seen.

Chrono Trigger was originally released on the Super Nintendo in March 1995 and has been ported to the PlayStation, Nintendo DS, Mobile phones, and the Virtual Console. For those who missed this game and are fans of the Super Nintendo RPGs Chrono Trigger is considered a must have game in any collection.


  1. Unless you don’t have a DS (or *cough*original version access*cough*) I wouldn’t suggest getting this version. The thing had terribad load times on the PSX and wasn’t much better using the “Fast Disc” option on the PS2.

    If somebody does buy it though please post and let us know if that was fixed on the PS3/PSP’s PSX emulator.

  2. I’m curious about this too. I’d love to be able to play this on an actual television again (got seperated from my SNES copy years ago), but I want nothing to do with the PSX load times.

  3. They apparently ported the Japanese PSX version to English by just having a text file with the English translation which everytime the screen changes it pulls up the English text from a file on the CD. Which makes the load times noticeably terrible. Trying the PSX copy again on epsxe it has about fifteen second load times at the beginning of the game when it asks you to name Crono, Lucca, Marle, etc. It’s just painfully terrible compared to the original which was instant.

  4. might pick it up on the PSN soon to see how it plays, will inform you guys then

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