News: PAYDAY The Heist now Available on PSN

PAYDAY The Heist Logo
PAYDAY The Heist Logo

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) announced that the squad-based first person shooter PAYDAY The Heist is now available for digital download and on the PlayStation Network store. Priced at twenty dollars, players who are looking to get a deal should log onto Steam and pre-order it for ten percent off. Additionally a four pack is available for twenty-five percent off.

Published by SOE and developed by OVERKILL Software, PAYDAY The Heist is an online co-op shooter game that features six heists based in a variety of urban settings. Each heist will present the players with different challenges, with a need for quick thinking, strategy and an emphasis on teamwork. Each heist will be different, from extracting a safe from a helicopter to making a withdrawal from the “First World Bank”. With many different challenges and opportunities for things to go awry, each heist will keep players on edge.

“For a group of developers that love the FPS genre and have an affinity for blockbuster heist movies, PAYDAY is truly a game after our own hearts,” said Bo Andersson, CEO of OVERKILL Software. “Each PAYDAY scenario makes FPS fans prove their worth as players while co-op teams are pushed to collaborate and accomplish strategic tasks that only an action hero could dream of surviving. And, there will be much more exciting content to enjoy with upcoming DLC and a motion picture based on the game currently in production.”

OVERKILL Software is a privately owned software development company that was founded in September 2009 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. PAYDAY The Heist is the first game they have developed to be released in North America.