TSM Episode 19: Fable


Produced 2011.10.23

In this week, the panel Fable. Deimosion Fable, SiliconNooB Fable, Blitzmage Fable, and Enrei Fable. Lusipurr also Fable. Fable Fable Fable. Also: World of Fablecraft, Actifable, Call of Fable, and Fable Fable Fable Fable Fable Fable Fable. Fable!


  1. umm, lusipurr, where was YOUR review/playthrough of Fable? you lost in that drive where YOU stated if the fans Donated such and such amount by such date, YOU yourself would do the playthrough of Fable 1. your assistants said they’d play also just to lower your pain from playing it. since you skipped on it, then YOU should play ALL 3 Fables in a row within 1 week.

  2. As I said on the podcast, my review of Fable will be up in December, along with my Deadly Towers review.

    I’m in Grad. School and applying for doctoral programs. I don’t have time for any games at the moment, as I get about 90 minutes spread over a week to myself.

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