News: Nintendo Dedicates Fun Center at Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, California

Starlight Foundation logo
Starlight Foundation logo

On 27 October, 2011 Nintendo of America and Starlight Children’s Foundation will place a Starlight Fun Center in the Miller West pediatric unit at Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, California. The Fun Center will feature a Nintendo Wii, a DVD player, and a Sharp AQUOS LCD TV.

The Fun Center dedication is part of a series of festivities around Nintendo’s launch of Kirby’s Return to Dream Land, which was released earlier this month. As part of the release, Nintendo challenged kids across North America to discover their inner superheroes with help from iconic Kirby characters. Kids who visited the Kirby’s Return to Dream Land website were invited to create drawings and descriptions of their dream superhero abilities, which were submitted to Nintendo to be part of the Starlight project to help raise awareness about the organization and encourage children to help other children. Additionally said submissions will be displayed during the Fun Center dedication and patients at the hospital can use coloring sheets to create their own superhero abilities which Nintendo will use to create a mural for the Fun Center. Kirby’s Return to Dream Land will be playable at the dedication along with special Fun Center games and blankets for the patients.

Since 1992, Nintendo and Starlight have placed more than seven-thousand Fun Centers in hospitals across North American. The ease in which it takes to install a Fun Center makes them ideal for hospitalized children of numerous situations to experience the fun and joy of video games.

The dedication will be overseen by Starlight Fairy Godmother Jamie Lee Curtis, Executive Vice President of Nintendo of America Don James and multiple representatives from Miller Children’s Hospital.


  1. Well its a portable unit that can be taken from room to room so A Wii is ok

  2. Pretty sure he’s trying to point out that as a large corporation, Nintendo could probably help with the funding of facilities they’re claiming to support.

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