Castle Lusipurr #13: In the Frozen North

We can thank Canadia for this.
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Oh, Canada. Land of ice, and snow, and terrible foodstuffs, and ridiculous sports, and terrible music, and fifth-rate television.

…and one Oliver-fixated monomaniac, too!


  1. Oi, Don’t be dissin’ Canadian TV! We gave the world The Littlest Hobo!

  2. @RBK: Your television is the very bottom of the heap. Dreadful tat. I’d rather watch Mexican soap operas. HEAR THAT, LOUIS?

  3. Yeah c’mon. I WORK in Canadian TV, it’s awful, awful trash.

  4. @ Blitzmage: Sure am! And I’m using COMPLETELY LEGAL methods to watch the latest season.
    @ RBK & Lusi: Well, let’s be honest, where would we be without the Quebecois version of The Office?

  5. A poutine shortage sounds horrible, how did you frigid Canadidians live through that travesty?

    And I agree with RBK on this one, because Ethan works for MTV. Sure, its Canadian MTV, but MTV as a whole hasn’t been good since the early 90s. You can’t call vapid reality TV with sometimes music a good representative of Canadian television. ….also, I still want to find and watch Littlest Hobo.

  6. No, the rest of our TV is crap too.

    Except for The Newsroom. That was brilliance.

  7. These comics are very well done. Some of the inside jokes are mysterious to an outsider, like who the geisha character was supposed to be until now, but there are some great references too, like “every zelda game after wind waker” – ouch!

  8. Well readers are free to add me on Facebook or Twitter to see a picture of me, plus my on-site avatar! I just don’t know why Kenjuju draws everybody else but uses photographs for me.

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