TSM Episode 22: A Long-Expected Engagement

It is precisely as disgusting as it looks, which is quite an achievement, if you think about it.

Produced 2011.11.13

This week, SiliconNooB relates the latest details on Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lusipurr announces an upcoming engagement. Also: terrorism at Best Buy and poor marketing decisions by Ubisoft!


  1. Dunno whether to say grats to lusi or my condolences to thea. btw sean, why dinna you showup for rpgcast episode 200?

  2. Thanks for the coverage of the comic! Hate to perhaps undermine its quality, but the computer screen and the CD were just added in on GIMP. But I’m glad you noticed the pile of games next to the desk – they didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked.

  3. Lusipurr, Blitzmage, as well as others used to be on “RPGamer” aka Cat Fancy. unlike you others who deny it, I know as I’ve listened to their cast since the beginning.

  4. Yes, poutine is certainly not the iron-fisted world leader mentioned in a Franco-Canadian magazine here.

  5. @Matt: It’s bloody disgusting is what it is.

    @Drachonus: We’ve never had an employee named Sean here. You may have listened to the podcast from the beginning, but you are still mistaken.

  6. @Lusi No, Drachonus must be talking about Greg’s retarded brother!

    @Drachonus You make it sound like working at RPGamer is “da shit”, lol you so funny

  7. No, I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the week where Boromir used to work here.

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