TSM Episode 23: Mariachicast

Underrepresented NO MORE! Areba areba!
A long-underrepresented form of music here at Lusipurr.com

Produced 2011.11.20

Riddles and Lusipurr discuss the finer points of Snickers Ice Cream Bars, Jello Pud’n Pops, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Motion Controls, Beer, Mariachi Bands, and the future of Nintendo first-party titles.


  1. It’s a Riddles and Lusi PODCAST! So you know that means we won’t be talking about games here.

  2. Without yet listening to this, it seems your podcasts have been revolving more and more around food. And here I am in an office with nothing else to eat aside from coffee and goldfish crackers…

  3. Luspirr.com fanservice. I think having on a different guest every week is fun. By the way, how is thanking Lusipurr.com in a powerpoint presentation for advertisement?

  4. @Mel: EVERYONE loves food! It’s part of our plan to appeal to a wider (get it?) audience!

    @Matt: YES!

  5. It was a rough draft presentation that I’ll later give to parents as part of my school psychology practicum, about research on the effects of video games on aggression in children.

    Short version: very inconclusive, and the studies by most prolific proponent of the “yes it does” camp have been shot down by the Supreme Court (see Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association for a great read) for overgeneralizing results of barely meaningful experiments. There’s also different theoretical models governing these studies, and the simplest, most inane theories are used to justify attacking video games. Imagine a study which actually proposes that playing Super Mario Bro’s causes aggression… yeah… Add Craig A. Anderson to your list of bad people.

    I thanked Lusipurr.com at the end for their “quality information and expertise on video gaming.”

    I also got to talk about what a weasel Jack Thompson is.

  6. Riddles doesn’t know about Cosby pudding references or The Wonder Years?
    Also “Nougat is exactly like cocaine”.

  7. I suppose by “over the weekend” I meant “right now”. MAP and TSM are great podcasts, but I have to say that Lusipurr and Riddles together is the perfect podcast team. Right mix of silly, serious, and sardonic.

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