News: EverQuest II Goes Free to Play

Everquest II Box Art
Everquest II Box Art

On 6 December, 2011 Sony Online Entertainment will be offering the massively multiplayer online role-playing game EverQuest II for free, forever! Along with going free to play the Freeport Reborn update will also be going live which will add a completely revamped Freeport city and exciting new quests. Players will also have the chance to pick up the game’s eighth expansion, Age of Discovery which introduces the “Dungeon Maker” feature and the return of the Beastlord class.

EverQuest II will have a membership structure much like the ones seen in other popular MMORPG’s gone free to play. Gold membership in EverQuest II will provide access to all races and classes and is identical in all ways to the current subscription status on EQII Live servers. The free membership level will be called “Free” instead of “Bronze.” Silver membership now costs 500 Station Cash instead of 1,000 Station Cash. Finally, players can no longer purchase a Platinum membership. Existing Platinum memberships will continue until they expire.

Additionally on the same day Sony Online Entertainment’s DC Universe Online will launch its second DLC pack, Lightning Strikes. This DLC pack will feature The Flash and introduce electricity powers as DC Universe Online‘s eighth power set. The DLC will be available for players on PC and PS3 simultaneously.


  1. “Freemium” seems to be the big thing for MMO’s to do these days, especially older ones. I’ll be interested to see how this pans out for EQII.

  2. the Pathfinder MMO is going to start out as free to play. I wonder if it’ll be any good…

  3. @Durga Syn: I’ve never heard of the studio that’s working on it, so I don’t know for sure. Some studio out of Washington.

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