TSM Episode 27: Sweet Cider Wine

Based on this picture alone, I am already a huge fan of Australian Christmas.
Australian Christmas, as it is popularly celebrated.

Produced 2011.12.18

When Bup fails to make an appearance, Lusipurr is forced to call in the only person who can fill in for the site’s largest former personality, with the result that Australian Christmas comes early, much drink is had by all, and Smissmass presents abound!


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  1. @SN: I, too, felt FF XIII’s soundtrack to be a fizzle. Not to deride this podcast’s opening theme, but I felt most of the soundtrack was slightly more exciting than elevator music. The tracks just seemed to…meander. When I hear XII’s soundtrack, however, I have a certain image in my head and there’s a certain mood I’m put in. XIII’s tracks just…exist. I didn’t *hate* that game, as a game, but for it’s aural pleasures? Not Final Fantasy’s best.

  2. @Mel: It’s not that I don’t think that XIII’s OST was musically decent – because it is – but I just found it to be too bland and unmemorable. I also greatly disliked how many of the tracks seemed to be too multi-layered; the whole OST sounded quite overcomposed IMO.

    Hamauzu has done much better with the XIII-2 OST, and some of his fellow composers have done even better (not that it will go down as an all time classic).

  3. @SN: I don’t even remember XIII’s title screen music. X-2, however, I remember most fondly.

  4. X-2 had beautiful title screen music, ‘t’was a shame about the rest of the OST …

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