Castle Lusipurr #19: The Assault on Christmas

Target that fat motherfucker. FIRE!
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Much has been made of the assault on Christmas; each year, the attacks on this holiday and its wonderful accoutrements seem more narrow, angry, and small-minded. Lusipurr, however, has tried to bring a touch of class to the entire matter. Better, we think, to have an Assault on Christmas in fact than some sort of paltry metaphorical assault.

Anyway, metaphors are so out, dontcha know.


  1. You don’t want to know what he left under my Christmas tree … :(

  2. Lusipurr and Reetin look like the two most evil motherfuckers ever!

  3. With our powers combined, Reetin and I can control the galaxy!

  4. “I’m afraid, Mr. Claus, that it is time for you to disappear.”

  5. I’m just listening to last week’s podcast now and I wanted to let everyone know that Hitler is a rad dude! Five stars!

  6. Doing what NATO never never had the balls to do!

  7. “Come now, Mr. Claus, you enjoy killing just as much as I do.”

  8. Last week’s comic shows them setting off, in preparation for this extreme operation. That Santa’s a crafty one!

  9. Though I wonder why we made our assault on the North Pole by sailing into the Southern Hemisphere…

  10. @Lusi That’s because your special hybrid flashlight/rocket launcher is only sold in Australia.

  11. It’s simple logistics – you have to get there before he drops off the first present at Julian’s. He flies along time zones, you know.

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