TSM Episode 28: A Christmas Outrocast

Yep. Again. Every year.
Happy Christmas from Lusipurr.com!

Produced 2011.12.25

In the wee hours of Christmas eve, the podcast panel assembles to celebrate the holiday with superlative style, grace, and class. Riddles is confused, RootBeerKing is abed, Lusipurr is tipsy, and SiliconNooB is improbably sober! It’s a Christmas miracle!


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  1. Wikipedia surfing has taken up so many late-night hours of my life. Getting an internet capable phone has furthered this deadly addiction into inappropriate environments (i.e. workplace, bed). Megaphone podcasts are kind of like that; random segues lead down long free association roads, even though you know you started out with one idea..

    Another funny fun podcast, I like the extra time and more ensemble cast on this one too!

  2. @Matt: Glad you enjoyed it. I rather thought it was good, myself!

    @RBK: Huzzah! Someone noticed!

  3. @Lusipurr I just noticed that at the end of the podcast you say that we’ll see the listeners again in 2013… Totally didn’t catch that during the recording.

  4. @SN No, if you look at what RBK suggests, what’s really going on is that Lusi’s planning to blindfold the staff for a whole year!

  5. Listening now!

    Also, did I play TF2 last night? I got amazingly drunk and don’t have a mic/know how to do text chat in it, so there’s that.

  6. @EP: you did! For a little while, and then you went idle for the rest of the night.

    To find the button for chat (or change it), go into the Keyboard Bindings in Settings. AllChat should be there. I think the default is Enter.

  7. @SB: I thought that was for voice chat. He’s asking about normal chat (as he said, he doesn’t have a mic.).

  8. @Lusi, SB, EP As far as I know, the defaults are Y for chat, U for team chat, and V for voice chat. I haven’t changed them ever and they’re the buttons for me, at least.

  9. Guys…..Not kidding. I actually GOT beef jerky for Christmas. I just finished watching this. And no, I didn’t ask for it.

  10. Alas, no. Jack Links. In teriyaki and black pepper variations. It tasted better than mayo with bees, for sure.

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