TSM Episode 29: New Year, New President

Rumour has it that if you flip him over, he has a weak spot which you can attack for MASSIVE DAMAGE.
Kazuo Hirai

Produced 2012.01.08

The Starlight Megaphone panel returns to classic form in their first podcast of the new year; Reetin talks up a demo, Blitzmage turns an eye to Steam-powered profits, and Lusipurr already knows who the next president is! Hint: he’s got Riiiiiidge Racer!


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  1. It was Pandemonium Warden! I figured it out listening before somebody on the did!

    Also, PW and AV can both be killed now rather easily.

  2. Lusi, I really did think you were making up that bit about the substance that composes fire. Especially when my searches for “flagistan” didn’t yield anything. Well, it’s “phagiston”, for those curious. And it was indeed a thing.

    But when it comes to outdated scientific modes of thinking, I still enjoy the concept of SPONTANEOUS GENERATION, which basically was the explanation for why certain creatures seemed to just appear in places. That spider on my bathroom wall wasn’t there a minute ago… clearly it just POPPED INTO EXISTENCE when I wasn’t looking!

  3. My little story about phlogiston does sound like total BS, but it really was believed, once upon a time!

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