Castle Lusipurr #22: Everywhere You Want To Be

'HEY HEY HEY I'll kill you in your sleep.'
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…Or, start from the beginning.

Some people, like cats and children, end up in the oddest places. A seemingly amusing happenstance, it may belie something much darker and more sinister–something destructive, mystical, and focused.

Or maybe not. Who knows? And that, as they say, is that.


  1. WHY WOULD YOU UPLOAD IT FIRST AND ASK QUESTIONS LATER? And it’s a podcast reference mixed with fat albert. Sorry, Durgasyn.

  2. I am on the podcast and even I do not remember! D’oh!

    I upload it first and ask questions later because THAT IS HOW I ROLL. (Also, I tried to raise you on the messaging service without success.)


  3. Ooh, controversial. Let’s just say it’s full of his secret weeaboo weaponry then :)
    Well, you could always email! All my work stuff goes straight to my phone. Because THAT’S THE WAY I ROLL.

  4. So not only am I black, now I hang out in dumpsters. I just keep moving further down in life it seems.

  5. Being black doesn’t move you further down in life, let alone appearing black in a comic. I even made sure to use a lighter shade of gold this time! Let’s just say this is part three of new year’s, and this is where you woke up.

  6. I was only joking. I have accepted my character. For now.

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