Castle Lusipurr #24: Tiny Sonyist Mexican

Louis Vazquez is a CHEATER. Don't believe G-Lanser's LIES!
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…Or, start from the beginning.

In this comic, one of’s more notorious underhanded dishonest perfidious unctuous shady unscrupulous deceitful recreant crooked unprincipled dishonourable iniquitous RECENT staff members is shown doing what he does best. Lying.

…down, under a table at Sony Headquarters, listening to his favourite sound of all: Sony PR nonsense. Which his TRUSTWORTHY LITTLE HEART believes with all the fervour of a maddened zealot.


  1. A Mexican Platinum is not really made of platinum, but more of a sliver turd covered with the sperm of Sony PR bullshit.

  2. Actually, my dad’s in the glass business, and from what I understand, tin’s pretty damn expensive.

  3. It’s actually a papier-mâché taco shell with a very thin coat of silvery paint.

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