News: Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Rhymes Go the Way of Tupac?

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Loses Its Voice

There has been some rather odd news to come out of Square Enix this week, with seeming confirmation that the vocals have been removed from the track ‘Invisible Invaders’ (more commonly known as the Lake Bresha rap) for Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s international release.

The game’s music coordinator, Keiji Kawamori, mentions that ‘Invisible Invaders’ was one of the first tracks to be completed by Naoshi Mizuta, one of the game’s several composers. The piece was said to most strongly reflect director Motomu Toriyama’s directive to create music that is atypical of a Final Fantasy title – which begs the question: why change it? Was the track always intended to be altered for international tastes, or was the decision made in response to recent forum carping? In any event, this change is certain to please more gamers than it disappoints, though Kowamori’s comments are somewhat vague as to whether ‘Invisible Invaders’ is the only track to receive this treatment – one would think it a travesty if a fully voiced ‘Crazy Chocobo’ still made the cut.

Persona 4 Gains Content

In other changes for the best, Famitsu has this week unveiled screen shots of some of the brand new content featured in Persona 4: The Golden, which will be seeing a 2012 Japanese release on the PS Vita.

No mere HD port, Persona 4: The Golden is set to feature a new town location which is situated by a beach, players will be able to reach this destination via scooter once they have received their drivers licence. At this point it is unknown whether the town will be used for a special event, or whether it will be freely available for daily activities – though it sounds like it is more likely to be the latter. Transit is not the only use of the team’s new scootering facilities however, with the party also set to be able to ride them into battle, whereupon they will be able to perform various scooter-centric actions. Persona 4: The Golden is also set to feature a new opening animation produced by Mad House, this is likely a necessity due to the original game’s SD format. Finally, it appears that the game will include new evolutions for the party’s personas, promising a welcome injection of variety over the game’s impressive duration. Atlus are not expected to excise the vocals from the game’s BGM.

A Pyrrhic Victory for the Freedom of Speech

California’s bid to exert control over game regulation within the State died dismally this week, with the court voting 7-2 to declare the legislation null and void on constitutional grounds, awarding the ESA $950,000 in the process.

It is quite perplexing why Federal and State governments repeatedly insist on putting up blatantly unconstitutional legislation, and squandering tax payer money in the process – goodness knows California can ill-afford it. The ESA have indicated their willingness to put a portion of their Schwarzenegger-gifted windfall to use in funding youth initiatives in California’s poorer communities. As for the remainder .. well, it strikes one as ironic that a free speech ruling has awarded the ESA with more money for them to lobby for Internet censorship.

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Logo

Stop the Presses – Eleventh Hour Quicky

Just this very hour EA has proudly unveiled their much anticipated online pass feature for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Cat Fancy’s Game Of The Year. Players eagerly anticipating the Fablesque single-player experience offered by Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will want to redeem their online pass codes promptly, as failure to do so will lock seven of the game’s single-player quests behind a wall of impenetrable arrogance.


  1. So, now even new owners of Kingdoms of Amular will be blocked out of parts of the game if they do not play online. Nauseating.

  2. Is Mad House the people who did the P4: The Animation new intro? (That’s kind of shitty.) I’d kind of like to play the rerelease of P4, but don’t really want to buy a Vita. That they’re deliberately not letting it have an HDMI output’s a dealbreaker for me.

  3. Why? Don’t you have any consoles to play on your TV? The Vita is a handheld for playing in your hands ..

  4. I’d still like to be able to plug it in and see a bigger picture on my TV. The dev units had HDMI out, but Sony doesn’t want competition with the PS3 apparently so retail units dropped it. I’ve never really played any portable systems outside my house. I generally don’t like carrying the device around with me and don’t ride the train on long commutes to work or whatever.

  5. All that would do is make the image look horrible! That is why Sony didn’t allow it, they didn’t want their newest handheld to look like complete shit.

  6. I can confirm the existence of Crazy Chocobo in all its horrible/amazing glory in the NA version of FFXIII-2.

  7. I believe Jim Sterling made a good observation of Alamur’s DRM online pass. The devs said that instead of holding back this content as paid DLC for later, they’re going to release it NOW as an online pass thing to new buyers for FREE! How nice of them, right?!!?

    Astronauts in training spin less than this.

  8. They must really hold disdain for their customer’s intelligence, probably not without good reason …

  9. Isn’t the thing >480p and probably along the lines of 900xbySomething? It should look OK upscaled to 720p on an HD TV.

    Aside from the shitty value problems that sort of stuff presents now, I’m more worried for how it will result in preserving games in the future. Multiplayer games with dedicated servers last for more than a decade. Metal Gear Online had its servers killed and the fanbase now is pathetically trying (and failing in an epic manner) to reverse engineer how that shit worked, so they can play their game again. The PS2 had shitty online support (FFXI was basically the only thing that worked and you could still play), but those games SOCOM, I guess?, can no longer be experienced. I’m not saying it’s of monumental importance, but that stuff is lost forever because it’s no longer economically viable is stuff that previous less copy protected stuff could be reverse engineered, but with strong encryption (or just no data on how the thing works) that’s no longer the case. I have no idea if Metal Gear Online is worth a second of playtime, and I’ll apparently never get to know the answer to that question.

  10. 480p games don’t look anywhere close to acceptable on a reasonably sized modern TV. Only a madman would prefer to play the games on a TV rather than the Vita’s beautiful OLED screen.

  11. So can the Catwoman sections of the new Batman game though. Good luck getting activation codes ten years from now. Outside of some brilliant high level emulation it’s not going to be possible to emulate current gen consoles in the forseeable future. As slow as they are PCs won’t be getting fast enough.

  12. @SN: Untrue. Old pixel-games look great when scaled up. SNES and NES carts look phenomenal. And are much easier to see, as well.

    But scaling up something like FFVIII? You end up with a flickering, gibbering abomination. Don’t do it, kids.

  13. @Lusipurr: I was really only talking about modern 3D games – the kind that will be appearing on Vita. Hooking your SNES up to a TV or playing a blown up 2D game on your iPad is still fine in my experience.

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