1. Poor Reetin. His basket is now void of pretty ladies. What does he have to live for? Other than Lusi’s boot on his ass

  2. “Don’t make me get the pump!” may be my favourite line ever now.

  3. This is funny, but I still think you should draw the webcomic instead of taking pictures.

  4. @Ethos: I know, I’m cutting corners. Truth is, I can’t actually draw :)

  5. Oh well, at least you’re a very good photographer. You seem to capture us at the best/worst moments. And at the moments when we’re speaking via speech bubble!

  6. See, Lusipurr.com readers are rewarded by reading all the posts, listening to the podcasts, and finally the comics to get the inside jokes and references. Good use of color in this one too!

  7. Based on a true story which will soon be made into a feature film!

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