TSM Episode 35: A Very Tardy Arrival

Who's late? Who's late? For a very important date? / It's Pierson Stone--launch our stealth drone--I WANT HIS HEAD ON A PLATE!
Tardiness Has Its Reward...

Produced 2012.02.19

The panelists arrive–some (much) later than others–to discuss topics including Ubisoft’s avaricious attempts to bilk PSVita gamers, Hulu on 3DS, a free-play weekend that has already gone, and the world’s most accurate Valentine’s Day Present simulator.


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  1. @Blitzmage: Which is apparently when it is too late to be of any use to anyone.

  2. You didn’t have to add me to the podcast. I even told you I wasn’t going to be there.

  3. I agree with Beowulf! He’s ripped himself from ancient pages and jumped across centuries to bring us this important message!

  4. I listened to this but got incredibly drunk, so I remember very little! I shall now go watch that Sonic thing I remember thinking sounded hilarious awful. I’m also contemplating buying one of those beer cans that’s can shaped, but larger, and filled with Foster’s, so I can learn what Australia is like. (They just drink beer there, right?)

    Also, Deimosion is a witch!

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