Castle Lusipurr #29: Contention

'That's the only time that Dan is going to be inside of Jenifer' - RootBeerKing
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Some of the staff (Ginia) have asked for leave
To use the toilet, or to obtain reprieve
From endless hours of Sony’s Wild Arms;
To tend to their ‘villes: both Castles and Farms.

But this sort of thing cannot be allowed,
And with shouted orders they all soon are cowed.
Instead, they will focus on the world of Filgaia
Lest they find themselves punished and made a pariah.

So pull out the orange chairs, clean off the desks,
Silence the operas: ’tis time for grotesques.
Shut them all in, and deny them food,
Thus to ensure amongst all a compliant attitude.


  1. This is genuinely my favourite CL ever. Amazing, amazing, amazing.


  2. You know one of those rabbit holes you go down sometimes on the internet? Like in wikipedia or youtube, where you were looking up info on spanish currency and end up on a page about megatron?

    Well, I feel like coming here is like an ongoing segmented trip down one of those holes.

    “Lusipurr dot com! It’s like a hole!” -Mel

    (Also, I understood like 90% of those injokes. This worries me.)

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