1. Hey, I can have a conversation without innuendos! I just have to think LONG and HARD first.

  2. Innuendos? More like….in your end-o. Yeah? I’m clever like a genius.

  3. This is my new favorite comic episode, both the art and writing in this one were great. Bod at the end of the tunnel, what what.

    I imagine dig dug music was playing in the background as they dug through the ground.

  4. “Brain Bleach” is just a clever euphemism for “Lusipurr’s Special Medicine” which is itself a euphemism for “A double G&T”.

  5.  You can tell he cares by the firm grip he keeps on his tool

  6. Hopefully it doesn’t eject itself from Ethan’s hand! 

  7.  That would be awful! To think that one could operate a tool so limply and disappointingly! The very thought makes the penis soft!

    Wait, I think I screwed this up.

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