Editorial: My Three Favorite Video Game Badasses

Even old and grey he could kick your teeth in.
Big Boss

Hail and well met, Lusitards! It is I, Rikki the Great, slayer of dragons and demons alike. Today, I am going to be discussing with you a very specific type of character. There are many different video game character archetypes out there. Each with varying degrees of popularity, and some just downright despised by most. One type of character that always seems to be popular is the badass. As a general rule, these characters take no nonsense, often preferring to shoot first and ask questions later. Typically they are accompanied by catchy one-liners, such as “I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I’m all outta gum”, or “Pitiful mortal, your hope ends here: and your meaningless existence with it!” There are many characters that fall into this category, but I am going to compile a list of my three favorites for the sake of convenience. This list is not in any specific order, just the three badass characters I enjoy the most. So lusipests, let us dive in!

1. Big Boss

“I’ll say this once and only once. I’m not taking out any more Metal Gears! Not rescuing any old men, or VIP. If it’s a hot damsel in distress, I’ll think about it.”

Big Boss was the codename of the legendary soldier who founded the U.S. Army Special Forces Unit, FOXHOUND. His real name is John, though throughout his career he goes by Jack and “Naked Snake.” He served the government for many years under the tutelage of The Boss, until he was forced to hunt her down and kill her after her own defection. Still, during this time as an agent he was often called “the greatest warrior of the 20th century.” He was so badass that they decided to use his DNA in a cloning program code-named Les Enfant Terribles, the terrible children. This project gave birth to another of the greatest warriors of all time, Solid Snake. To reach such a level of respect and prowess on the field of battle that scientists decide yours is the perfect DNA for a batch of clone soldiers? That is a level of badass only achieved one other time that I can think of.

If you see three glowing green things in the dark, you are seconds from castration.
Sam Fisher

2. Sam Fisher

“I’m the monster in the closet.”

Lieutenant Commander Samuel “Sam” Fisher is a combat veteran, and is one of the most experienced and highly respected covert operators in the U.S. intelligence community. Before his NSA career, Fisher was a CIA operator within the Special Activities Division, a highly decorated sailor in the U.S. Navy, a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy SEALs, and a Tier One operator within DEVGRU of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Not only does he always complete the mission, he does so with style, and has time to throw in many silly lines in between countless ruthless killings. He retired from active duty sometime in 1996, but later returned into service in 2004 to work as a member of the NSA’s ultra-secret Third Echelon branch. The most badass thing about Sam Fisher is that nobody ever sees him coming. A true master of stealth, he is more at home amongst the shadows than in the daylight. Once his arms wrap around a neck it is game over.

Dealing with Tidus is his most badass trait.

3. Auron

“Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!”

Auron is the strong, silent type, speaking only when necessary. He appears as a strict, no-nonsense warrior with a dry wit. As a guardian, Auron devotes his life to protecting those in need, putting the matters of others before his own, and is unconcerned with his own well-being. Auron is idolized across Spira by aspiring guardians. In a game where there should be a “final” summoning for every guardian and their summoner, he was one of the first to speak out against this repeating cycle, attempting to attack the lady who convinced his friends to attempt the summoning in the first place. He is struck down, left with a scar on his face and blindness in one eye. Determined not to die and with too much emotional attachment to his world, he is able to bring the son of his friend into their world and ultimately lead him to victory over Sin. All long after his body has moved on. Not only was he a badass in life, but he was so badass that his spirit refused to move on until the mess his friends had made was properly cleaned up. Plus, he puts up with this, showing a badass, near infinite level of patience.

So, there it is. A short list to be sure, but one that covers three of my favorites. Each, in their own way, takes control of a seemingly hopeless situation and finds a way to triumph over and over again. Each hands out wholesale ass whippings, all without breaking a sweat. This, to me, is the best trait a badass can have. What about you, readers? Which characters would you consider the epitome of badass? Let me know! Until next time Lusireaders, I bid you a fond farewell!


  1. Nathan Drake, Sephiroth, and Femshep? Why yes, Rikki, I agree with your list!

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