Castle Lusipurr #32: Debt Reduction

Chris 'Sabin' Privitere of CatFancy is out of hospital after being shot, and we wish him all the best in recovering from his injuries. And hopefully, the gift of a tiny, SONYist Mexican will go some way toward paying off Lusipurr's drinks tab from when he worked at CatFancy.
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…Or, start from the beginning.

Apologies about the lateness of this week’s comic: our server hosts had severe problems all day long which resulted in widespread outage.

The comic, though, is surely worth the wait. Operation: Cheesy Eagle is somehow even more obscene that it sounds.


  1. The Red Menace is coming for all your unsharpened Doritos!

  2. I just want to say that my bar tab is NOTHING compared to Sabin’s.

  3. I never understand these, even when I’m in them and supposedly a reference to something I was part of.

  4. @Chris : Apparently we have previously sold to you a slave that took it upon themself to shoot you in the arm

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