Editorial: Ethos’ Most Anticipated Games for 2012

Hello LusiSprites! Perhaps the year is almost half over, but with major game releases heavily weighted toward the end of the year, I feel like now is the perfect time to churn out a list of my most anticipated games.

Will the list be surprising? Probably not. Will the list be informative? Probably not. Will the list be entertaining? I doubt it. But will the list be a list? Absolutely! And with that guarantee, I bring you the first game.

I edited out my drool.
Death will limit YOUR edition.

Darksiders II

The original Darksiders was met to generally positive reviews and was considered enough of a success to warrant a sequel. The biggest criticism launched against it was its extreme similarities to other titles, God of War and Zelda. To me, it was a combination that worked very well. I found it difficult to be annoyed at a game for being similar to franchises that I also have a good time with.

Needless to say, the title surprised me. It drew me in so much that I made short work of it, loving every second until the conclusion. The developers have thankfully taken over two years to make the sequel, and I am intrigued that the game takes place at the exact same time as the original; managed by the fact that the main character is Death now, not War. Late June is when I get to discover if they did the original justice.

Borderlands 2

This was another new IP rewarded by decent sales. It definitely deserved it. I hopped on the Borderlands train extremely late, but loved my time with the unique shooter. Gearbox Software is taking even more time than Vigil Games is with Darksiders II, and Borderlands 2 is not even expected to be out until the end of this year; more than three years after the original.

Borderlands 2 looks to be a more polished version of “more of the same” and, with a formula as addictive and fun as the first one, that is fine by me.

The Last Guardian

To be honest, nobody is even sure this game will come out this year. Team ICO takes a notoriously long time to complete their games, and this one in particular seems to be hitting rough patches.

Still, if I am not optimistic, then I am not doing my job as counterpoint to Riddles’ Eeyore-inspired gloom-fest that he sprays all over the wonderful world of Lusipurr.com.

The Last Guardian has been talked to death, so I will cut this off now. I just would have been remiss if I did not give this troubled game a nod.


Pokémon Black and White Version 2

We may know next to nothing about these games, but it is Pokémon and therefore I am anticipating it.

While it would normally be easy to determine what the games would be like just from the title, this is the first time the series has attached a number to one of the entries. Is this just Nintendo’s new way of making a Pokémon Grey? Or is it a full new generation? Perhaps something totally different. Something set in the same world and with the same number of creatures from Black and White but with a new story and different Pokémon available at different times?

Either way, the speculation does nothing but drive my hype up. Like I said, it is Pokémon, therefore I am anticipating it.

Bioshock Infinite

I am not as into the Bioshock games as a lot of people are. I thought the first game was neat and the second game was trash. However, I cannot deny the impressive atmosphere constructed by Ken Levine and his team for the original. Therefore to see him return, and to not be revisiting Rapture, I am definitely intrigued.

The sequel-of-sorts appears to be staying thematically relevant while taking the opportunity to make major changes to the gameplay if they feel the need.

This likely will not be a day one purchase for me, but I am very excited for the game nonetheless. I think it will be an important game, and whether or not it is the kind of game I would like to play, I always anticipate releases that I expect to push the industry forward.

Assassin’s Creed III

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has gone much the way of Kingdom Hearts recently. It appeared as though nothing but spin-offs and filler would be released in lieu of a proper sequel. While Kingdom Hearts has gone six years down the rabbit hole, Assassin’s Creed has only committed crimes for half the time.

I was wise enough to avoid both Botherhood and Revelations, so I am properly excited for the final entry to Desmond’s story. In fact, because I hated the first title, this will only be the second game in the series I play properly. My second console iteration instead of my fifth.

For that reason, plus the interesting American Revolution setting, Assassin’s Creed III easily makes this list.

Not the Wii U

Seriously. That thing comes out this year? Does anybody know anything about it? We know that Darksiders II is a launch game, but I am sure as crap not going to buy it for Wii U. Nintendo has a lot of work to do at E3.

So there’s my predictable list, LusiSprites. Agree? Disagree? Let me know what I’m missed in the comments below.


  1. I no longer think that the Last Guardian will turn out well.

  2. Yeah, I went from pessimistic to optimistic and now back to pessimistic. I can’t help but be excited for it, but I’m certainly cautious.

  3. I was looking forward to it, but all of the development set-backs seem to suggest that there are problems with the core game. Last I heard, people from Sony Santa Monica were even flown in to try and save it. I’d say the odds are against it.

  4. Darksiders 2? Cool! I should play the first one, though…

    Borderlands 2? You mean an FPS Diablo minus the random map generation? My almost 200 hours of playtime in Borderlands 1 should speak for itself.

    Last Guardian? In a few billion years the sun with explode, too.

    Pokemon Lazy Name? Not a big handheld gamer, therefore not a big pokemon fan. Oops.

    Bioshock Infinite? After watching the various “trailers” made to look like gameplay footage, but were clearly NOT…I’ve been left with a less than honest feel about it. Not sure what their fixation on impossible civilization locations is, but…we’ll see.

    Assassin’s Creed 3? You mean Prince of Persia 6?

    Not the Wii U? Oh yeah, I forgot about the Wii U.

  5. Wii U! Ha ha ha! Ha!

    Also, you should have used real money in your slider picture.

  6. I’ll definitely buy Bioshock Infinite on day 1, possibly Borderlands 2 as well.

    The game I’m most excited for is Ni No Kuni, the Studio Ghibli/Level 5 RPG.

  7. @Lusipurr – I did! I know it’s green, but I made sure to avoid that fake American stuff.

    @DefChaos – NI NO KUNI! Of course! I knew there was a major one I was missing. That was definitely it.

  8. Well, perhaps this isn’t on your personal list, Ethos, but among the more anticipated titles this year is Diablo 3.

  9. Unless the Canadian new year is in October, the last week of March means the year is almost a quarter over. Not half.


    Mel, Diablo is definitely not on my list. I’d probably have fun with it, get addicted, but I have no hype for it. I’d put Heart of the Swarm above that (although that’s probably 2013)

  11. @Ethos: Not only do you use play money but apparently you have a pretend calendar as well!

    What other Canadian, ersatz surprises lie in store for the good, homespun American readers of Lusipurr.com?

  12. @ Lusi: How about throwing out words like “ersatz”, for one?

  13. @Lusi – We also must stand on our heads every Wednesday! Because Wednesday is the day that the MOOSE go hunting for US, and they don’t recognize us if we’re on our heads.

  14. Also, we don’t actually have cars. They’re all cardboard.

  15. @Lusipurr – NICE! Where’s the L.com photoshop team?
    Also, I’m a fan of the new profile pic. Very LFoPD.

  16. Ethos, I had to google what that acronym was for. I guess you’ll be happy to know I was disappointed with the answer.

  17. You know, you could have done the blog right here on the site. We have ability to create separate pages and blogs within the context of the site itself!

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