Castle Lusipurr #33: Oh, the Humanity!

It's burst into flames! Get out of the way! Get out of the way! It's fire and it's crashing! It's crashing terrible! Oh, my! Get out of the way, please! It's burning, bursting into flames and is falling on the mooring mast, and all the folks agree that this is terrible. This is the worst of the worst catastrophes in the world! Oh, it's crashing... oh, four or five hundred feet into the sky, and it's a terrific crash, ladies and gentlemen. There's smoke, and there's flames, now, and the frame is crashing to the ground, not quite to the mooring mast... Oh, the humanity!
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…Or, start from the beginning.

Lusipurr cannot write the accompanying post this week, as he is still recovering from his injuries in his office. We cannot report on his condition, because the view through the glass is obscured by a green haze–but from within is coming the sound of a low, funeral chanting. The words are the sort which were prepared to be sung at the end of time, and merely hearing a few strains of this dirge is enough to erase any memory of happiness or joy from one’s mind. I think we can conclude from this that Lusipurr is fine and will be as right as rain in no time.

Reetin, on the other hand–hopefully he can be mended. Stay tuned!


  1. I don’t understand. Blitzmage backstabbed Reetin? Where did Reetin go?

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