Castle Lusipurr #34: A New Age of Transit

'It went over like a tin balloon,' is a current saying in the offices. It means that not only did 'it' not meet a positive reception, but in fact, 'it' did not perform at all.
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…Or, start from the beginning.

A new age of mass transit has arrived at!

There is a RootBeerTrain.
There is a Moogle Harness.
There is a Rowboat.
There is a Tin Balloon.

None of these are in any least way satisfactory. Please, submit your ideas for our future of transit! We need your help to keep ON THE MOVE!


  1. @SN: It’s a problem on your end. The picture is loading fine for myself and everyone else who has looked at it.

  2. Unfortunately, the “S.S. Dan” was the best name I could think of. I still can’t believe my oarpower wasn’t enough!

    Also, yay Bod!

  3. “Bod and the RootBeerTrain” seems like a good episode to me!

  4. @Lusi- I was viewing it on my iPad and part of a text box was cut off. Now I’m looking at it on my notebook, and everything is fine (not the Chris Privitere brand of ‘fine’ either; everything is actually OK). Technology …


    Seriously, this is the best my staff can do? No wonder I am getting rid of them all.

  6. How about a large megaphone through which loud insults are played back. The megaphone would be large enough to ride on, and would be powered by–not propulsion–REpulsion!

  7. @Ethos: I’m not putting my mouth on ANYTHING which has your name in it.

    @Mel: That’s a TERRIBLE idea!

  8. hmm howabout a sled-dogteam using the guys and the kupo as the bait to make them run?

  9. I like to imagine Durga has a very intricate set of tubes that exit into all of the places he jumps out of. Best way to get around the office!

  10. @Durga It’s a series of tubes!

    @Lusi What about some sort of Foster’s-powered Semaphore system of transportation?

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